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Distancia: 8.3 miles Desnivel: 1,896 feet Tipo de ruta: Ida y vuelta

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7 months ago

I hiked this trail in the middle of June on a sunny and warm day. A few highlights about the route: 1. This 8 miles trail, out-and-back, is part of the (not yet completed) Eugene to Pacific Crest Trail route. This, and the fact that it is a shared-use trail, make for a well maintained thread that does not require constant attention to one's footing. Areas that suffered damage (fallen trees, slides) have been fairly thoroughly repaired. 2. While it is shared-use, the trail does not receive as much traffic as the East approach which is a bit shorter and shares a trailhead with the much popular Alpine trail. The whole 4.5 hours I was out I saw 3 biking parties of 2 (in a 10 mn interval) and only one hiking couple. 3. Getting there was not too difficult. I am mentioning this because another hiker, who left a review on the East Access route but hiked the West access, had had more trouble driving up NFR5824. The road has probably been resurfaced since then. Good idea to check with rangers if there have been recent storms/heavy rains/strong winds in the area 4. There are NO "views" at all on the trail (only reason I gave 3 stars instead of 4). The attractiveness of the trail resides in the forest setting; old growth, wildflowers in season, chances of wildlife sighting, more seclusion than other nearby trails made this a very pleasant morning for me. 5. The parking lot is not big (maybe 4 or 5 cars can fit in there); however, the light to moderate traffic may not make it too hard to park your vehicles there. There is also a quarry about .2 miles before the TH were parking might be possible. 6. The trail is essentially made of two sections of about 2 miles each. The first section heads almost straight east, staying a couple hundred feet below the ridge, on the north slope. Outside of a few spots where the trail was damaged and repaired, the trail is very easy to follow. No rocks, no roots, not washed out or overgrown areas (this may of course change depending on the seasons). There are a couple of slightly muddy spots, but all significant stream crossing offer wooden bridges. The slope is fairly steep but there are a few places where you can sit down and rest or just enjoy the scenery. The second half is basically a series of switchbacks (short at first and longer before the summit) that progressively climb up the northeast slope of Tire Mountain; the junction with the east approach trail is just .5 miles below the summit. 7. As noted on the East Approach trailhead page, the summit is wide and mostly flat but offers no views at all. It is however a good spot to watch for wildflowers if it is the right time of the year. It is also the only area where you might need a hat... the rest of the trail is always shaded, which was really welcome on a somewhat hot day.