Doubletop Mountain, Graham Mountain, Balsam Lake Mountain [PRIVATE PROPERTY]

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Doubletop Mountain, Graham Mountain, Balsam Lake Mountain [PRIVATE PROPERTY] es un sendero de punto a punto de 9.7 millas con tráfico ligero localizado cerca de Arkville, Nueva York. Tiene un bosque y es calificado como difícil. El sendero se usa principalmente para hacer senderismo y caminata.

Distancia: 9.7 miles Desnivel: 3,402 feet Tipo de ruta: De punto a punto






propiedad privada

Requires permission from the land owner to hike. The summit is located entirely on private land. Contact the caretaker, Bill Fiedler, at (607) 221-1277 to arrange for permission to hike.

propiedad privada
9 days ago

I did this hike early summer and followed it up in winter. Early summer when the snow has melted provides the best hike for this mountain with lush green forest. Winter is okay and the unmarked herd path is easy to follow to reach the dismantled TV tower, but it is a hike without much opening to see the scenic views around.

14 days ago

Re-posting this information as this is SUPER important for everyone to know and to get the word out. Doubletop and Graham require permission to hike which means a call to the caretaker : Bill Fiedler (607) 221-1277. He is new and recently told one of our board members how surprised he was by how many hikers are NOT calling. The private landowners could revoke access at any spread the word, do the right thing if you are hiking either mountain. Our access is a privilege, not a right.