Fotos de Gooseberry Springs and Mount Taylor Loop

Distancia: 7.8 miles Desnivel: 2,112 feet Tipo de ruta: Circular

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4 months ago

First, note that the map and some of the depicted track on AllTrails isn’t correct. But, you should be able to sort things out with the track loaded in your recorder. I went clockwise, walking down the forest road for a while (this is one of the most significant errors on AllTrails since the road to the trail head isn’t even on the map). I would recommend instead of strictly following the track, just stay on the road until you get to the Continental Divide Trail. This is definitely a pleasant hike with mostly decent trail conditions. My recorder put it at 8.9 miles total for the loop; it seems typical that the distance listed by AllTrails is a fair bit shorter than it really ends up being.