Fotos de Clear Creek Loop

Distancia: 11.7 miles Desnivel: 1,469 feet Tipo de ruta: Circular

apto para perros







6 months ago

This trail is prime if you desire a mix of old high altitude pine forest, solitude and amazing green meadows. I would definitely do this loop again. Note that if you are looking for long distance vistas, this is not the trail to take. There were many spots that looked ideal for pitching a tent for the night on a longer backpack trek deeper into the wilderness area. Beware that some of the sections through the thicker meadows have hidden mud holes where you could quickly sink in deep and could have difficulty getting unstuck if you are alone. Also many of the meadows the trail disappears, but in most cases there are large posts visible that mark out the path through the meadow. Having the AllTrails map downloaded was definitely useful on this hike.