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Fotos de Sandwich Mountain via Bennett Street Trail

Distancia: 8.9 miles Desnivel: 2,929 feet Tipo de ruta: Ida y vuelta

apto para perros


caminata con raquetas



2 months ago

This is a long hike and don't expect awesome big views but I still enjoyed it. It starts off easy with gentle grades but then steepens a couple of miles in, levels off some, then steep again. Finally the last mile is a more gentle grade except the the final 1/10 of a mile. There are occasional partially obscured views near the top but really only one good view at the very summit. And even here you have to climb on the summit rocks and stand on your tippy toes to peer out. That all said, that view is spectacular, albeit, limited. The trail was broken snow at the bottom and several inches at the top. I used my microspikes but my friend did not and you don't need snowshoes...yet!