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Fotos de Watkins Lake Trail

Distancia: 5.2 miles Desnivel: 278 feet Tipo de ruta: Ida y vuelta



observación de aves






5 months ago

I like the trail here more each time I come out. However, and not to scare anyone off, just to warn you to be careful - stinging nettles are endemic in the wooded portion of the rails-to-trails trail. I added two pictures to help you identify them. This trail is on an old railway grade - the Detroit, Hillsdale, and Indiana line, built in 1870-1871. Finally abandoned in the late-50s or early-60s, it is interesting to note the parts of the trail where the rail line cut through hills and then was built up across low areas. There are still a couple old cattle ramps, possibly used for loading cattle onto trains, but possibly just loading onto trucks.