Mary V. Flynn, Ice Glen, Laura's Tower Combo

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Mary V. Flynn, Ice Glen, Laura's Tower Combo es un sendero de ida y vuelta de 4.1 millas con tráfico moderado localizado cerca de Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Tiene un río y es bueno para todos los niveles de habilidad. El sendero se usa principalmente para hacer senderismo y correr y es mejor utilizado de marzo hasta diciembre. Los perros también pueden usar este sendero.

Distancia: 4.1 miles Desnivel: 767 feet Tipo de ruta: Ida y vuelta

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Park in the little lot at he end of Park Street, Stockbridge. Start the hike from the bridge across the Housatonic River, then make a 90º turn left. Follow the path by the river (include the little loop at the end) then make your way back to the bridge. At this point, turn left and take the Ice Glen trail (white diamond blazes) as far as it will go (some scrambling required), then double back until you join the Laura's Tower trail to your right (red diamond blazes). Follow this up to the tower (you can climb this for the views), then back to the lot.

3 months ago

10.23.19. A charming three-pronged trail outing that adds some distance and variety by combining the three well-established individual trails. The river trail (Mary V. Flynn) is beautiful and very easy. Ice Glen (white blazes) is a little more challenging in terms of scrambling as you reach the end of the outbound part — it was a little slippery for me due to heavy rain and fallen leaves overnight. The only real climbing is the Laura's Tower trail (red blazes) but getting to the top of the tower is worth it for the views Northward. My stats if you would like to try this combo: Distance: 4.1 miles Elevation Gain: 778 feet Moving Time: 1:31:27

3 months ago