Adelmann Mine and Lucky Peak

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Adelmann Mine and Lucky Peak es un sendero de ida y vuelta de 8.8 millas con tráfico moderado localizado cerca de Boise, Idaho. Tiene hermosas flores silvestres y es calificado como moderado. El sendero ofrece una serie de opciones de actividades y es mejor utilizado de abril hasta octubre. Los perros también pueden usar este sendero, pero deben estar atados con correa.

Distancia: 8.8 miles Desnivel: 2,381 feet Tipo de ruta: Ida y vuelta

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Want to climb to the top of Lucky Peak, but you'd like a bit more of the "trail" experience than the traditional "dirt road" routes? Here ya go! And if you've never hiked to Adelmann Mine, then you've got a two-fer in order! Start at the gate to the Boise River Wildlife Management Area, just off Hwy 21. There is limited parking, so arrive early during the summer months. Head north through the WMA buildings to start the hike. The initial two miles is an uphill grind over a lightly-used double-track. During early summer, it's a green oasis with lots of wildflowers. From July on, it's quite a bit more brown, and the Mormon crickets can be rather annoying. The higher you climb, the better the views become. When you reach a very indistinct trail junction (it's more of a small meadow), you have a choice - if you've never visited Adelmann Mine, you can head straight on the obvious for another quarter of a mile to check out the mine, and then double back to go up to Lucky Peak. To head straight for Lucky Peak, bear left and uphill. About 50 yards up the hill, the trail passes a large forestry gate and cuts hard right. It's still double-track at this point, but quickly necks down to a somewhat overgrown single-track trail that is quite a bit prettier than the double-track you've been on. The trail keeps climbing as the vegetation keeps getting more wooded. Once you top out on the ridge, like flicking on a switch, you'll suddenly be in a forest paradise. Here the trail levels out for a bit -- enjoy the rest and the wonderful shade! Next, you'll exit the forest and cross a couple of fences (don't worry - they have stiles for easy crossing). After the fences you're back on a rocky jeep trail as you head left and uphill. You have about a half mile to the top of Lucky Peak (head for the radio tower - you can't miss it). Boise State has a bird observatory here - you'll likely see the yurts and tents. Take in the views and have a snack before heading back the way you came. If you didn't hit Adelmann Mine on the way up, might want to consider hitting it on the way back.

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