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Lake Windwing, Bennett’s Pond and Pine Mountain

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Lake Windwing, Bennett’s Pond and Pine Mountain es un sendero circular de 6.3 millas con tráfico moderado localizado cerca de Ridgefield, Connecticut. Tiene un lago y es calificado como moderado. El sendero se usa principalmente para hacer senderismo y es mejor utilizado de marzo hasta noviembre.

Distancia: 6.3 miles Desnivel: 921 feet Tipo de ruta: Circular





It’s a great hike where you start on a lake (Windwing), walk around a second lake (Bennett’s Pond) which often has swans or other wildlife and then to the beautiful view from Pine Mountain. Start at the end of the cul-de-sac from the parking lot by on the red trail along lake Windwing. It's recommendable to walk this trail counterclockwise and continue on the red trail until it intersects with the blue trail. Follow the sign to Bennett’s Pond on the blue trail. Then follow the trail around Bennett’s Pond. You will get close to Route 7 and hear the cars driving by when you’re at the end of Bennett’s Pond but only for a few minutes. You will be able to enjoy walking next to Bennett’s Pond on the other side back before the trail will take you ultimately up on a bit of a longer hike all the way up to Pine Mountain. The first section is on the yellow blaze and then once you leave Bennett’s Pond behind (which you can only see in the fall or early spring from up high) on the red blaze trail. Enjoy the beautiful view up on Pine Mountain before you take the hike back down on the red blaze trail. The section when you turn left rather than going straight to Pine Mountain Road is a bit steep. Take the blue trail at a sharp turn to the right and then the yellow trail. It leads to a broader trail back to the lake. Off-line map recommended to stay on the trail as it is not always marked very clearly.

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