Fotos de Rito Alto Four Pass Loop

Distancia: 23.1 miles Desnivel: 6,351 feet Tipo de ruta: Circular

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flores silvestres


3 months ago

Well, we knew it was going to be a big day but weren’t exactly sure how big. Did the Rito Alto Four Pass Loop and it was amazingly beautiful. We did have snow from near the start but only 2-4 inches which made it gorgeous but cold. The 6 bowls were absolutely amazing and mind-blowing each time we came across one. Funny, we saw in the description it said to make sure you go Counterclockwise. So we thought we did, and even after the hike, we were sure we did. This morning over coffee we realized we went Clockwise and would so recommend that (Mainly because we hiked down in the dark and the road was easier) The only reason I gave it 4 stars is for that damn 6 miles of 4wd road coming down and then rainbow was longer in the dark. Also, the route map is a bit off at times, especially on Rainbow Trail at the very end. Watch out for a quick left jaunt near the end of the hike that doesn't show on the map. I think we might be at the end of being able to hike it this year as there was a good snowstorm overnight, but you never know. We went through about 20,000 calories! Ok, it might be an exaggeration but it was close. I'd love to come back and do it as a multiday backpacking trip and hit all of the lakes.