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White Point Trail

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White Point Trail es un sendero circular de 1.4 millas con tráfico moderado localizado cerca de San Pedro, California. Tiene hermosas flores silvestres y es bueno para todos los niveles de habilidad. El sendero ofrece una serie de opciones de actividades y es accesible todo el año. Los perros también pueden usar este sendero, pero deben estar atados con correa.

Distancia: 1.4 miles Desnivel: 173 feet Tipo de ruta: Circular

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lleno de maleza
2 days ago

13 days ago

Not a challenging hike but good for joggers and people who just want a quick easy trek. coolest part is the military history. If you begin down by the water, you will have to climb up to see the bunker lookout points. If you're looking up towards the preserve take the trail to the right climbing up for a little more of a challenge. It's a quick loop around but get sidetracked with other quick trails to make it longer. Plenty of people and dogwalkers.

ha registrado Recording - Dec 22, 07:58 AM

no hay sombra
1 month ago

it was simple enough... pay attention on few turns to follow alltrail suggested route

2 months ago

It was a nice scenic hike. Took my son and his friend and our dog, it was chill and a gorgeous day! Not hard at all, did not see or hear one snake...lots of snails and birds. Overall, it was military history, amazing coast views and lots of brush.

5 months ago

Honestly just awesome for the history alone. Missile bunkers and test site, lots of cool paths to adventure around so you can go a few times and do some different routes. The snails are out in full force right now. Go early and you won’t see any rattlers out.

lleno de maleza
no hay sombra
7 months ago

Went with two beginner hiker adults, two five year olds and a baby in a backpack. So many little snails that the kids called it “snail city.” Baby had fun too. We apparently got confused on the trail and ended up in the inner loop by accident so if you suddenly find yourself going steeply down, you’re going the wrong way. A little cliff walking and a slight incline. The trail was totally doable and enjoyable for everyone with the ocean views and the cute snails and the occasional cool beetle.

lleno de maleza
no hay sombra
8 months ago

This was a neat simple trail, there is a pretty heavy hill u have to climb to get up to the bunkers but it’s well worth it and def very doable with breaks. There are rattle snakes up there also so keep an eye out. Oh and lots of little snails on everything!

9 months ago

It was a great lite trail! Perfect for taking my dog for his first time! He loved it.

10 months ago

This areas claim to fame is where a devastating landslide took place in 2011. A large portion of Paseo Del Mar road slid 50’ into the ocean. It’s now been turned into White Point Nature Preserve … a place for hiking/picnicking. Although, only the most dangerous spots are fenced off, it’s very easy to just walk around the fence for a birds-eye view of the ruins. Low flying Police helicopters and numerous No Trespassing sings are everywhere. There is also the remains of an old military installation and a staffed nature center to check out.

Mon Jan 14 2019

Fine neighborhood walk. Met a lot of nice people. It rained yesterday and there were big puddles at the higher elevations - my dog loved them.

Sat Dec 29 2018

Started hiking to cover popular trails in And around PV. White point was the first one and it didn’t disappoint to start with. Easy but beautiful views and history to learn on this trail. Good for relaxing and letting it go mood

Tue Nov 06 2018

It was a nice little walk. Very short but the view is nice if you walk up to the bunkers

Mon Oct 01 2018

Nice little trail. Great breeze. Easy parking. No shade.

Fri Aug 24 2018

Great hike for anyone and any age .. Great views and a little military history involved in this hike as well

Tue Apr 24 2018

Good for a long walking

Tue Dec 26 2017

Quiet and easy to get to but more of a walk than a hike.

Wed Oct 11 2017

This is super close and super easy. I go here often because I live so close. It’s a great way to decompress.

Tue Oct 10 2017

Love this trail

Sun Apr 02 2017

This is an easy hike around the bluffs overlooking Royal Palms and a baseball diamond. It is a historically significant area for California as well as national defense. Several placards are on the trails talking to the history of the area as well as the flora and fauna.

Tue Aug 09 2016

More of a walk than a hike. Nice for my daughter and dog to go out and take a look. There are many different flowers and the view of the ocean is nice. People have started to leave trash around unfortunately and aren't picking up after their dogs. This definitely takes away from the beauty of nature. We also went down to the tide pools but unfortunately there wasn't much to see. It was fun walking on rocks though!

Tue May 31 2016

Fun walk! Wouldn't really call it a hike, I take my dog here about 3 times a week and he loves it! The coyotes can get a little creepy before 9am though

Fri Sep 12 2014

This was a fun park near our house that the kids enjoyed coming to. Never gets to far from the parking lot so it is easy to cut a hike short and head back. There is no shade along the trails but the bunkers are well worth the stroll through this urban park.

Mon Mar 10 2014

Beautiful view

Mon Sep 30 2013

Nice day for a hike, view spectacular. Two hills pretty easy. No shade and a steep hill on the east side of the preserve. The worker was very friendly and informative. Great beginner hike.

Sun Sep 15 2013

This 4.88 mile hike along the beach on Palos Verdes Peninsula is packed with spectacular views, geological wonders, and fascinating history. Visit tide pools, the infamous Sunken City, and a World War II missile site! (Date hiked: January 2, 2012.) Read the full write-up at:

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23 days ago

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