Tapo Canyon Tar Pit Loop es un sendero circular de 5.4 millas con tráfico pesado localizado cerca de Simi Valley, California. Tiene hermosas flores silvestres y es calificado como moderado. El sendero ofrece una serie de opciones de actividades y es accesible todo el año. Los perros también pueden usar este sendero, pero deben estar atados con correa.

Distancia: 5.4 miles Desnivel: 629 feet Tipo de ruta: Circular

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2 months ago

I enjoy taking students on this hike because of the natural tar pit. The tar pit is actually along the Chivo Canyon trail but because there is no trail head there, it is best to start at the Tapo Canyon Trail and connect to Chivo Canyon. You can also park in the neighborhood if only want to see the tar pit and not go on an actual hike. The hike itself is along a fire road that is heavily used by mountain bikers and trail runners. there are 2 steep areas but nothing strenuous. There are some spots of shade but mostly its open. This is also a great area to see coyotes if you are quiet enough. They startle easily so if you have kids with you, they will most likely run away.