Mormon Ridge Trail and Mormon Canyon Trail Loop

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Mormon Ridge Trail and Mormon Canyon Trail Loop es un sendero circular de 7 millas con tráfico ligero localizado cerca de Willcox, Arizona. Tiene un río y es calificado como difícil. El sendero ofrece una serie de opciones de actividades. Los perros también pueden usar este sendero, pero deben estar atados con correa.

Distancia: 7.0 miles Desnivel: 2,545 feet Tipo de ruta: Circular

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Park at the Sycamore Campground and head back down the road to the clearly marked trailhead Mormon Canyon Ridge. The trail dips briefly before beginning to ascend. The trail is rocky and has small branches growing into the trail in places, but is clear and can easily be navigated without GPS. The ascent includes beautiful views of the Sulphur Springs Valley, Dragoons, Dos Cabezas, and neighboring mountains. Some signs have been destroyed by fire, but the sign at the top of the trail is intact. From here, you could continue up to the peak, or you would double back very briefly to find Mormon Canyon Trail which descends toward the river. There are many, many trees fallen across this section of the path and beyond. A detailed map or GPS is sometimes necessary to confirm the trail down to the river. Once at the river the trail follows closely until it clearly branches out to the road where you can walk down to the Sycamore Campground (the trail between Mormon Canyon Springs and the campground was closed at the time of this writing).

3 months ago

I definitely recommend taking Mormon Canyon Ridge up as opposed to taking Mormon Canyon itself. The view from the ridge are lovely. This is a wilderness trail so it is rough and overgrown in places. We intended to continue up to the peak, but were too worn out with the ascent and looped back via the lower Mormon Canyon Trail. That trail was very difficult to follow at times, but is a nice nature trail where you can see the emergence of new vegetation after a fire.