Fotos de Tracciolino: Verceia, Valle dei Ratti, San Giorgio, Novate Mezzola)

Distancia: 11.9 miles Desnivel: 4,025 feet Tipo de ruta: Circular




ciclismo de montaña

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6 months ago

This trail is a true gem, unexpected and unusual, with great balcony views about 2000 feet above the valley floor. Most of the trail runs flat along abandoned railroad tracks which were used to build the hydroelectric infrastructure. Then it passes through several real fun hiking tunnels. Better bring a headlight for these. Don’t miss making a little detour to the town of Cola, it’s gonna wow you all the way, almost confuse you, how such a lovely antique town can be there. The hike down through the mountain town San Giorgio is like a time walk through a millennia of history. There’s a carved stone where they used to mummify the dead. These towns are only reachable by foot. Another thousand feet down and you’re back on the valley floor. The hike is not difficult at all, it’s just a bit long. Very much recommended.