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Bachtäler-Höhenroute es un sendero de punto a punto de 40.4 kilómetros con tráfico moderado localizado cerca de Stolberg, Renania del Norte-Westfalia, Alemania. Tiene un lago y es calificado como moderado. El sendero ofrece una serie de opciones de actividades y es mejor utilizado de marzo hasta octubre. Los perros también pueden usar este sendero, pero deben estar atados con correa.

Distancia: 40.4 km Desnivel: 1,229 m Tipo de ruta: De punto a punto

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The Bachtäler-Höhenroute begins in Zweifall, from where a connecting route offers the possibility to reach the Kupferstadt (13.5 km) as well as the Eifelsteig between Friesenrath and Rott via the Stolberg Kupferroute (6.4 km). If you follow the route instead towards Rureifel, you first walk along the Hassel and the Gieschetbachs and from there you climb steadily through the spruce forests of the Hürtgenwald. A few hundred meters behind the pilgrim monument, it is possible for the first time to take a free look into the Aachener Land. You pass the ring settlement Raffelsbrand and the renatured bog Todtenbruch and reach after a short steep descent down in Kalltal finally Simonskall. From Simonskall the Bachtäler-Höhenroute runs through the Kalltal past an impressive geological rock saddle and then follows the beautiful Huschelbachtal up in the direction of Schmidt. There, too, there are several impressive panoramic views of the bay of Cologne and the Eifel National Park with the ridge of the Kermeter and the Rursee, to which is now descended by another Bachtal in the direction of Eschauel. Barely reached the lake level, the Bachtäler-Höhenroute leads uphill again to the Eifel view "Schöne Aussicht" on the Simonsley, where the hikers can expect a breathtaking panorama in a southerly direction with a view of the Rursee and the Kermeter. Passing another vantage point, you descend again to the Rursee, along which you finally reach Schwammenauel. The dam leads to the Eifel National Park and at first goes along the lake shore before climbing up the Kermeter through the Hohenbachtal. On the "Hirschley", the counterpart of the Rursee south bank to the "Beautiful View" again offers an impressive view. Now the Kermeter is as good as "conquered" and from the "Black Cross" the Bachtäler-Höhenoute descends down to the Urft dam and finally reaches the Eifelsteig after about 38 km. The Bachtäler-Höhenroute can be comfortably hiked in 3 daily stages: From Zweifall to Simonskall (15.5 km), from Simonskall via Schwammenauel to Heimbach (17.6 km) and from Heimbach via Schwammenauel to the Urft dam (11.6 km). From there it is advisable in the summer months to return by Rursee Cruise via Rurberg to Schwammenauel and from there on the Rurseebahn or on a one-hour hike along the reservoir to Heimbach. * Text taken from Wanderland Rureifel

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Eine schöne Tour die auch in 3 Etappen erwandert werden kann. Etappe 1: Zweifall-Simonskall Etappe 2: Simonskall- Heimbach Etappe 3: Heimbach-Rurberg