Le Chemin Saint Guilhem es un sendero de punto a punto de 245.7 kilómetros localizado cerca de La Malène, Occitanie, Francia. Ofrece la oportunidad de ver la fauna y es calificado como difícil. El sendero ofrece una serie de opciones de actividades.

Distancia: 245.7 km Desnivel: 6,980 m Tipo de ruta: De punto a punto







From the beginning, men have traveled the "drailles" linking Aubrac to Languedoc, where thousands of ewes still borrow partly from the scrubland of Montpellier. In the footsteps of the last shepherds, to the hikers it is a superb route from the highlands of Aubrac to Saint Guilhem the Desert which is proposed, a GR which astonishes by the diversity of the crossed landscapes, a hike which makes cross Aubrac, the Lot valley, the Causse de Sauveterre, the Gorges du Tarn, the Causse Méjean, the Causse Noir, the Cevennes and the scrublands of Languedoc! The arrival at Saint Guilhem le Désert is 240 km of rough or calm climbs, of happy descents or boring, in twelve stages of length not too long for most but with daily differences in height are not to be underestimated. In the evening accommodation is in cottages, farm-inns or small hotels. Check out Farm Barry, a cottage that sees a lot of people because Aumont-Aubrac is located on the GR65 the way that Puy en Velay leads to Compostela. As soon as you leave the village, it is a festival of brooms in bloom, they abound in the hedges that line the path but also in the fields and they embellish with a haunting fragrance. The first part of the stage is done through fir forests then it is the typical landscapes of Aubrac: huge meadows lined with dry stone walls, meadows where graze nice cattle while you walk between 1'100 and 1,200 meters of altitude, the highest point of the day being at 1'250 meters, two kilometers before the end of the stage! Your cutting stages can be in two portions of almost the same length, by doing so you can stop at the cottage The Guardian Angel in Rieutort d'Aubrac. Then Rieutort d'Aubrac → Saint Chély Aubrac. It begins by following a quiet and flat road which allows you to warm up nicely for more than half an hour, then the hamlet of Montgros is crossed at a good pace and it climbs. Then you will arrive at Nasbinal. The course is superb which crosses pastures, the view extends far. After Aubrac and its domery, begins the long descent that leads to Saint-Chély, a trail most often in the shade but also badly paved several times. Take a break or camp overnight at the cottage in Rieutort. The "Santiago de Compostela" ambience on this portion of the GR6 presents agitations, pilgrim exhibitions, overrated feverishness, pretensions. It became the mediatized circus of the candidates in the pursuit of the Holy Grail jacobist. All is permitted to reach Santiago and to be able to caress supposed relics: one speaks loudly, one moves; some make the journey with huge bags, would they do the peddling to finance their expedition? Others walk without a bag or with a bag so small that we understand that there is nothing inside; their impedimentas traveling by taxis, the pilgrims find them while arriving at the stage delivered by Transbagages or La Malle Poste.

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