Fotos de Mount Ragged, Thunderbird Mountain Loop

Distancia: 5.5 miles Desnivel: 1,440 feet Tipo de ruta: Circular


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lleno de maleza
3 months ago

I did this hike the other day and found that the first section was super easy and lovely. We decided to go up by going straight up (going to the right side of the loop first) and that was a really lovely trail. There was tons of different mushrooms and plant life it was beautiful. There was a viewpoint before the summit that was a highlight, great views from there. Then we left the summit and found the trail extremely hard to follow even with GPS through this app. We would be on the trail following it and then all the sudden be off the trail but still walking in the only place that made sense. That half of the loop was quite frustrating for a good chunk (basically between the summit and the connecting piece that offshoots into a middle trail that isn’t highlighted on the route) we ended up taking the middle trail back as it was the one we found first after bushwhacking and seeing 4 piles of bear scat. Once back on the trail it was good. This could have just been us being unaware but we found the left side of the loop to be quite hard to follow, but the right side of the loop was really great.