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Macclesfield, Cheshire Map

great app. perfect in all aspects.

lovely walk on a nice day! can be windy on exposed bits/top of shutlingsloe when not as nice. great views from top, worth the little climb at the end!! nice easy walk for dog too supposed to be on lead over moors part (although not many seem to stick with that rule)

I absolutely loved this hike, and would 100% recommend. Can't wait to do it again. We had really great conditions when we hiked this - sunny, warm (20C), and during a dry spell in the springtime. I would recommend bringing suncream as you are exposed to the sun on most of this walk. It took me about 3.5 hours, this is with multiple pauses to take photos and about a 15 mins lunch break midway through the hike. I'd say I am moderately fit and completed it in that time. Weather was perfect, but it got windy on top of Shutlinsloe, so I can see that being temperamental on rainy days. I love the variety of terrain that you get in this walk - from walking up steeper hills, through forests, alongside reservoirs and even through cattle and sheep fields. You do also have to walk on a quiet road on a couple of parts, but we barely saw any cars so it didn't disturb us, but do keep this in mind. Would recommend good hiking shoes to complete this, and comfortable fitness clothes. I did this hike with my working cocker spaniel dog and she was able to easily complete the whole walk, but we did have to keep her on lead a few times i.e. through sheep fields, areas of nesting birds, walking on road. Mind you, she still had lots of opportunities to run off lead i.e. through forest and around Tegg's Nose, so she definitely got exercised. Just a word of caution, there were several styls which should could go through on her own so I did have to pick her up and help her over these. There were several opportunities throughout the walk where she was able to take a drink from a stream or cool off in a creek which was super helpful and ensured she was staying cool and hydrated. The parking at Tegg's Nose was about £3 for 3+ hours which is what you will need for this hike, and I loved that there was a lovely little cafe there, which I visited after the walk. Staff were lovely and food was great. Such a lovely hike, and I can't wait to do it again! Overall fab hike I would recommend for anyone to do!

This is such a beautiful area, and if you look at the map you can see various routes and walks, I have only marked this route down as the trail set out is all on a manmade path or down a narrow road. I would advise anyone heading this way to plan their own route. Great wildlife in the area.

nice little walk good views

Interesting walk through the forest and onto the moors up to Shutlingsloe. Windy on some exposed parts but relatively easy route. We had a fun afternoon with our 9 month old daughter.

great views, windy up there but well worth the little hike up the big steps.

I've done this many times and is a different walk every time due to the weather. it is easy enough but walking back up the packhorse track at the end is a killer but well worth the achievement when you get back to the top

Blustery day great walk. Quite steep to get to the top, some of the steps are really high but manageable. Dogs must be on a lead which makes climbing up harder.

9 months ago

We were looking for something to get us out for a couple of hours and this seemed to fit the bill. We sat-navved the start point and four a parking space quite easily. We headed clockwise around the loop, heading up the slight sloped path past the stunning waterfall (I wish I had one in my garden) then into the fields. We are very much novices and I was concerned that we would struggle to navigate the route, but any worries went as we headed through the sheep on a path that left no doubt which way to go. There are gentle up and downs then you get to the road section which you follow round and up to war memorial, we stopped here for a coffee that we had with us, then it’s up a little further until you take a right between some houses. Not to long then until you hit the steepest part of the walk. You head diagonally across a meadow to the top of the hill. You’re welcomed with a great view of Macclesfield to one side and Manchester in the distance to the right. You then can look to the right and se were you have been. Great views. You can also see that if you choose not to climb the hill, you could follow the path in the valley to complete the loop. We followed the path to white Nancy then down a steep slope. You’ll come across a path which some, like us, would wander which way to go. Go across the path down the side of the field and back into the village. For a first timer we chose well. Very enjoyable

Monday, February 05, 2018

I just downloaded the app. This was my first walk with my dog after recovering from flu. I Chose a really easy one to ease myself back into it. I parked on a street as the car park was being developed. I went clockwise around from the car up past an old mill and through fields until I reached Rainow. The path was easy to follow as it was mostly paved with .old flags. The countryside was rolling and there were some streams and a waterfall which were quite full due to recent rain & snow. On reaching Rainow you join the main road through the village past an old church up Tower Hill before cutting back along a bridle path past the site of Cow Lane (Tower Hill) Mill an old cotton mill that was last used 1907 and only a few remains are left. This bit of the walk was very boggy and I ended up on my backside a couple of times. Through a gate and the path went to the left up a steep hill, this was the most testing bit of the walk probably not helped by my recent flu. Fortunately a nice flat rock at the top by the gate made a good place to sit & eat lunch. Views were good across snow capped tops. Just a bit higher up & suddenly you reach the highest point & have the Cheshire Plain mapped out in front of you. On a clear day you can see for miles. Through a gate turn right and follow the stone wall to another gate that when you go through & turn right there is White Nancy ahead, such a good way to near the end of your walk. A quick photo & then down a steep slope that has helpfully been laid with stone steps. Makes the descent much easier to navigate. At this point I think I took a slightly wrong turn but it only added a little to the overall walk. Very pleased with myself for using the app & navigating the walk.. It took a lot of battery life but I had taken a back up charger. If I am going to use it a lot I would certainly invest in the pro version which enables you to download the information. I would certainly recommend this app.

Great walk even on a wet and muddy winters day, we will be back in the summer to do it all again. Thanks.

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