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21 days ago

Nice route, though very muddy and slippery towards the beginning (November hike). Easy to navigate and the coffee shop in Downley is a great place to finish if you adapt your start/finish point.

private property
1 month ago

Stunning views, there was a bit that we had to cut out as it was fenced off and private, so lost 2km off the trail. The last part of the walk was unpleasant due to having to walk in tall grass on the side the busy road.

2 months ago

good route, nice mix of terrain - open fields and woodlands, and lovely scenery. GPS is useful as there are lots of conflicting paths in places but not difficult to follow and definitely worth it. For starting point click 'directions' takes you to 'unnamed road' HP169PS where there is a small parking space off road on right and various trail points lead from there.

Lovely route which took in paths we’d never followed before, despite years of walking in The Chilterns. Felt very quiet and isolated in parts, which was great. Starting point / car parking is a little off the beaten track - post code would have been helpful - but basically put Little Hampden in the GPS then when it tells you you’ve arrived continue a short way up the hill to the parking space. Had one or two issues with the accuracy of the red route indicator, particularly close to the end, where it seemed to go completely off piste - possibly due to a newly ploughed field and no obvious path. This was solved by picking up the waymarked South Bucks Way, following it to the aforementioned road, then turning left up the hill back to the car park. Distance is more like 12.25km.

3 months ago

very easy walk with kids

Lovely hike easy to follow with nice variety of country sights and some great views and wildlife.

3 months ago

Lovely walk featuring plenty of wildlife, some lovely views, a cricket match, steam train, vineyard and dog friendly pub. A few stretches of road and lost the path for a while at Radnage but it was enjoyable.

Its ok I normally go to walk the dogs down there but it is muddy!!!

Trail difficult to follow due to canal restoration.

3 months ago

Good trail. Some really lovely woods, and farm land. Pub with real ale and good food along the route.

This walk is good for family with small kids.

bridge out
3 months ago

Great walk except the bridge you cross on the way back is now blocked off with barbed wire. We ended up climbing over the bridge and jumping off the side.

One of my local loops. A good walk in beautiful countryside.

5 months ago

Nice Walk.. but lots of small paths gets confusing. AllTrail map was great which made it easy.

Nice easy walk, in lovely park land, with river views. all on the flat.

Well nice walk with an L

Beautiful views, well sign posted. Good variety of terrain.

over grown
7 months ago

The main selling point of this walk is the river and the lake, but honestly if you really do want to see Little Britain Lake (which is indeed very pretty) you’d be better off just driving there. The first portion of the walk, before you get to Little Britain Lake, is incredibly overgrown - almost the entire “public footpath” is edged with knee high stinging nettles and overhanging plants that slap you in the face, which bring with them an overwhelming amount of gnats and other small bugs, flying all around you and generally being off putting. You’re so desperately focusing on everything else that you don’t really get to admire any of the views, though they’re honestly pretty dull in themselves. You cross over the M25, which I personally quite enjoyed, except being so close to such a busy motorway meant that the entire walk was marred by a constant dull hum, which was somewhat annoying. There was a short reprieve from the jungle, as you enter a gorgeous field with an avenue of trees (in which I saw several deer, amongst over wildlife) but then it’s straight back to stinging nettles clawing at your ankles. The route takes you along a portion of the river, with some really great views and photo ops, but again I was just constantly trying to not injure myself. Arriving at Little Britain Lake was lovely. There was some information signs and some facilities - it was just generally a lovely area to be in. Definitely worth a visit if you’ve never been. Continuing on, the route takes you through a wooded area and comes out along the River Colne, which you then walk along side for several miles. Honestly? Completely underwhelming. I’ve read that this portion of the river isn’t really used anymore, and it’s surrounded by industrial buildings and housing, so there really was nothing to look at, save for the seldom seen wildlife and the two bridges. There was graffiti and litter everywhere, which I honestly don’t mind he former from an artistic perspective, but the latter is just sad and off-putting. The route finishes off taking you through some fields and onto a residential estate, which we’re both fine. My main feedback however is this - as a solo, female walker, I just generally felt very unsafe for a majority of the walk. For huge parts of the route you’re in very closed in areas with little visibility. Perhaps in a group it might be better, but by myself I felt I was constantly on edge and I became quite anxious the two times I passed other walkers (one of whom was smoking a joint). It was hard to enjoy areas of the route for this reason. TLDR; The route was pretty in places but generally not worth the effort it took.

Nod bad views but noise frome m25 all the time.

A great hike with supurb views.

8 months ago

Quite flat, nice trip over wild wood witch many different trees, green and rotten scenarios. Nice walk for all family. Free car park spaces.

Free parking, no toilet, good variety of terrain

Easy trail and lots of ducks, herons and other wildlife to spot.

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