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Las Charcas

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11 months ago

I have hiked some difficult terrains around the world and let me tell you, the terrain on this hike was something I had not experienced. It was dry and unmarked, it was overgrown and difficult to get through. We got lost several times, but when you make it to the top of the mountain, the views are breathtaking and makes it all worth it. This hike humbled me!! 1. I recommend trekking poles as the dry terrain will crumble with a slight touch going up steep mountains with pretty nice drop offs. 2. Bring plenty of water as there’s none along the way, only when you get up the mountain to set up your tent, and even then it’s another 20 min hike. 3. I believe you should be in good shape. This is not a beginners hike by any means. 4. Plan ahead and get a guide. They have park rangers that know the trails, without one... you will most likely not make it. 5. Cows live at the camp site, there’s a lot of poop everywhere.

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