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The drive along the lake is super pretty, especially the Absaroka Range.

To me the best part about this hike was the field in the very beginning. Otherwise, the trail was alongside a bunch of fire burned trees, and the view from ice lake was just “eh”. I think I may have just had higher expectations just from the previous hikes in the area. We didn’t pass a single hiker, which was nice. The waterfall is also pretty... but like I said, I probably wouldn’t be super excited to hike this again.

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4 months ago

Yellowstone Lake is huge and this scenic drive allows you to enjoy quite a bit of it.

4 months ago

Great hike - store your food properly as lots of bears - some fording

Easy, cute, quiet, but not extremely exciting. It's still worth wandering to the lake.

Pretty uneventful if done by itself, but is great if you shuttle from Ice to another lake. For example the long haul would be Ice all the way to Cascade Lake or you could finish at either Wolf Lake or Grebe Lake. Campsites are good. You will have to cross several log bridges so trekking poles help maintain your balance. I had to ford a stream at Wolf Lake. Bring plenty of mosquito spray. The trail between Ice to Wolf Lake is kind boring with a bunch of down timber from the fire in 1988, but is still well worth it. The trail is mostly flat with only a few areas of up and down. Bring bear spray and make noise. We did not encounter any bears, but we did see a moose and a lot of chipmunks.

5 months ago

This is one of my favorite hikes in Yellowstone! The trail follows Lewis Lake, and then along Lewis River. The water views are beautiful the whole time. Just enough incline to keep it interesting but still an easy hike. It was fairly uncrowned when we did it. I think we saw a total of 6 people in 5 hours. You can also keep hiking for a longer hike (13 miles) to Shoshone Lake. Bring bug spray— it gets pretty buggy!

5 months ago

My husband and I completed this hike July 27. We took one of the first ferry boats over Jenny Lake. Please note that if you click on the directions button in this app, it does not take you to the Jenny Lake Boat Launch to get the ferry! We made this mistake. Although the hike is long, it’s not strenuous until the end. It’s pretty flat and gets you way backcountry. We got rained on much of the way, but it was worth it! We only lost the trail for a second due to snow, but you could figure it out. Views of the Grand Teton and even Driggs, Idaho. Definitely bear country out there.

6 months ago

we hiked this Trail starting at 6 Mile Campground and hiked approximately 2 miles out and back and we just loved it. The views are beautiful, watched rafters, had our dog with us, only saw one other person on the trail not sure why. Lots of wildflowers and Cactus in bloom. We're anxious to go again.

Taking the boat in, We began going up to inspiration point, saw Moose and marmots! Our 9 year old loved it. Totaled 6.6 miles on our extension including ending up back at the visitor center.

7 months ago

If you enjoy the beauty and the quietness of the nature, than this is a very nice trail. Small paths, here and there swampy/muddy. Also bring mosquito spray, as there are a lot of

Drove this road Easter weekend. You can’t go wrong here! We saw bison on the roadside, as well as other wildlife. The scenery is amazing. Keep in mind that the through road to Yellowstone- the quickest route- doesn’t open until sometime in May. You can get to the west entrance, which takes several more hours than the south entrance. I think I understood that right!

11 months ago

Did this hike with group of 5 July of 2018. Good hike and challenging first couple miles because it’s all uphill. Trail says it’s 7.6 miles to the lake but my phone tracked more around 10 miles. Unsure whether it was accurate but it definitely felt longer than 7 miles. It’s super easy to miss the OE1 campground so right when you hit the lake keep your eyes open. You will need a back country pass to stay overnight so go to the visitor centers ranger station. Will cost you like 3 dollars to camp.

This is the way to go! But do yourself a favor and come down in a different canyon. Also, if you have the legs, add the little avalanche divide! It's nice. Did this up to granit canyon in a day - doable but lot of walking. And you need to have transport back at the end (I ended up hitchhiking from granite to jenny). Anyway, the teton crest is THE thing to walk over there. If you have permit for overnigth, even better!

Easy and scenic!!

Trail is nicely maintained. There is not a lot to see- rather uneventful. Mosquito’s bad at end of lake.

Beautiful and well maintained trail. We turned around so we did not have to walk on the highway otherwise it was nice and easy trail.

Cut this one short despite cool temperatures due to the mosquitoes. Very isolated and pretty views of the lake. Might do it again with bug spray but pretty intolerable once you start getting close to the lake.

Mon Jul 09 2018

We had to abandon the ice lake walk because we went anti clockwise and walked straight into a swamp about 10 mins in. If you go the right way then could be a muddy end. If you have got walking boots on it won’t matter too Much.

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Mon Jun 04 2018


Beautiful trail, rugged but pretty straight forward and connects to multiple others for an easy choice of length.

Did this hike to hurricane pass in one day. It took us about 9.5 hours to complete and we were able to catch the shuttle boat both ways and we started at about 7:30 or 8 am. The hike ended up being a little over 20 miles. This trail was very strenuous but worth all of the struggle. The view of the back of the tetons was breathtaking. Saw three moose in Cascade canyon on the way back. There is so much life and an abundance of water on this trail! Amazing hike!!! I will try to top the view for the rest of my life and probably fail. I hope to do it again but maybe make it an overnight next time lol.

Hands down the best adventure I have ever been on was to Shoshone Lake. Begin rowing around Lewis Lake early (7/8). The way that Shoshone Lake is situated causes it to create its own microclimate which means you have to time your arrival to Shoshone Lake perfectly in order to avoid the ocean like swells that arise every day around 1. If you hit the lake at this time expect some difficult rowing- especially if you have one of the camping sites that are further in. Make sure to get a permit! We didn't use a guide (and didn't need on) but it is important for you to do your research before making this trip and to have some experience in the great outdoors. Also, listen to the park rangers when you go to pick up your permit.

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Sat Apr 08 2017

3 days earlier in late June, we had made it to West Thumb just ahead of a snowstorm, bagged our first bison spotting and made it out to the farthest point next to the lake in a scattered snow shower- quite surreal with the hot steamy pools and bubbling geysers. As we started to head back to the visitor bookshop, the snow started blowing horizontally with big flakes. We all rushed inside the little cabin, and the ranger fired up the woodstove. We warmed ourselves and checked out books and souvenirs as our inner temperatures re-adjusted. We then high-tailed it as a big tour bus was pulling up. We had just logged our first Yellowstone “experience.” For the return visit, after starting from Canyon Lodge, heading south, we stopped at LeHardys Rapids, just before Fishing Bridge, which is where the next caldera eruption will start, as it rests on a huge fault line. The river area was covered with newly hatched bugs - fly larva and great food for cutthroat trout. From there we stopped at Bridge Bay on Yellowstone Lake, skipped stones on the lake and saw folks fishing for cutthroats. We stopped again at West Thumb, now one of our favorite spots, for another look in the sunshine. On this second visit, we were really rewarded, as the pools were bright green, clear and sparkling and we again were the only ones on the boardwalk. Yellowstone is a great first NP trip for kids, wildlife is abundant and there is never a dull moment. Fishing Bridge to West Thumb is a must-do section of the Grand Loop.

Great drive through the middle of the the valley east of the Tetons on the North-South Hwy, takes you by Ansel Adams famous shot at the Snake River Overlook. See bison, pronghorns, elk, moose, deer, coyotes and if lucky a bear. This is wide open country on the road between GTNP and YNP. Arrive at Jackson Lake, where you can overnight in style. Enjoy the ride.

Beautiful Lake!!!

Wed Oct 05 2016

This was a 3 day guided canoe trip. If you enjoy disconnecting from civilization for a few days and seeing some wonderful sights without too much hiking, this is an excellent trip. The first lake is great practice and leaving in the morning increases your odds of good weather. The river is pleasant but the last mile or so is tugging your canoe up a gentle currant as the water level is low. The first several hundred yards of this is fairly rocky, so good shoes are recommended. You make camp on Shoshone lake - there are only a dozen or so reserved campgrounds, so you have tons of space to yourself. On day 2 you head to the end of the lake where there is a very dense cluster of thermal features - very interesting stuff! You head back to camp. Day 3 is basically just heading back to where you started. Depending on the time of year (water level) you might even be able to stay in your canoe down the whole river. We had a great guide who did the planning for us. I highly recommend finding a guide to do this trip as they'll know the ins and outs, which permits are needed, food, etc!

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