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Great challenging hike. Lots of technical stretches over rocks, including some with steep drop offs around the southern point of the mountain. Areas closer to the trailheads are quite wet (we hiked in the midst of a snow melt). If water is high you should plan to get wet crossing the Stonecoal, which you will do numerous times. Just north of the Breathed Mountain-Red Creek junction is an easy side trail down to the creek which has a great series of waterfalls and rapids if the water is high. Many cool small waterfalls along Red Creek. Easy to lose the trail in places

Amazing hike! We went over 2 days in late December when it was unusually warm. Made the mistake of taking the Dobbin trail at the beginning, very boggy and wet. BAD IDEA. Other than that Lions head is very hard to find, we left our packs on the rocky ridge trail and climbed up hill through the boulders until we got there. Overall absolutely incredible area unlike anything you’ll see on the east coast!

Found this trail to be quite easy. The incline is about 5.6 miles, but is a very gentle climb. The first 2 or so miles can be very muddy and slick, but still a good hike. The area around the observation tower, including the trail, have been redone with new lookouts and benches.

Mostly along the road, not much to see.

Great hike on a 50 degree December day! Did this with my wife and thought it was a real gem. Trail was a bit muddy in spots, but overall not too bad. Great open vistas at the top when you hit the meadows. Must be beautiful in the spring. Would definitely come back to find out.

Great hike on the AT. This is a good day-trip section hike. Starting at Keys Gap makes Harpers Ferry, 6 miles north, a good destination for a meal (breakfast, in this case). There are some pretty rocky parts. Going Keys Gap and back will put the steepest grades uphill on the second half of your hike, but none of them are too bad. The views from the 340 bridge are great, but wish there wasn’t traffic in the background sounding like a fleet of tie fighters on the grooved asphalt.

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I went backpacking with my fiancé on this trail in early March 2019. It was a very eventful and memorable trip that we will tell stories about for years to come. I recommend this trail to anyone who will heed the following advice: 1. Call a park ranger prior to embarking on the trip to inquire about water crossings and the river status, especially in the winter. 2. No matter the weather forecast, it can/will snow during the winter. This will affect trail conditions and visibility dramatically. Plan accordingly. 3. There are vehicle gates on the forest road. Call the park ranger ahead of time regarding parking during winter months.

Always a awesome place to come camp. I would advise anyone with a desire to get outdoors and camp come see this place

Nice trail. Done as a point to point from Gathland to Weverton Cliffs.

Nice trail with gentle ascends and a good view from the Buzzard Knob. The trail is wide and generally well-tended except for a few fallen trees on it. This time of year leafless trees give you the opportunity to peek on both sides of the mountain - to Virginia and West Virginia. The shelter is nice for lunch.

Did this section of the trail as part of a larger backpacking trip in October. Easily one of my favorite trails. Beautiful views and the silence on top of the ridge is amazing!

This is a well kept trail with many things to do along the way. It was nice to visit it today after moving away years ago.

1 month ago

I wouldn’t follow my track. I got lost a couple of times.

just went out 1 mile with my dog and camped at camp festis. sweet spot. would have went further but didnt want to set up in the dark. easy grade until that part

A wonderful hike no complaints and yes about 4 miles in the hiking trail that follows the creek (about a mile) is not what I would call mud but it's spongy and some spots saturated with water that you'll have to figure a way to get around it however from the start of the trail it was icy which I would imagine being muddy if it wasn't icy. So bring an extra pair of shoes as socks and enjoy the hike.

this place was amazing. My wife and I hiked this today Nov 11th. it was spectacular, it felt like we were in another world. It is a very muddy trail as mentioned, It may be worse in the spring and summer Idk. But all i can say is a place like Dolly Sods demands a little respect if you plan on hiking this in sneakers or those little keen hiking shoes you're probably not gona have a good time. A good pair of water proof boots will save your life here. We got muddy as hell but our feet stayed dry through all the creek crossings and bogs. Take good gear and dont forget your camera this hike is amazing.

Completed on Friday, 11-9-19. Other than the first bushwhacking and the overall lengthy, it was an easy and gradual elevation change and plenty of clean soft trail to balance out the rockier portions. I went when there was a dusting of snow, which was quite nice, but it was cold and my water froze in the tube, so plan accordingly on cold days. The most noteworthy thing was as another review mentioned in the first mile or so there were thick bushy regions and a pile of rocks. The little orange flags did help. Shortly before or after (depending on your direction) there’s a little stream crossing. Near this area towards the woods on the left hand side (so away from the road) I heard a low growling noise on the way in. I thought I was imagining things, but I was alone and know bears can be about, so I took my little bell out, but had not had much other “protection”. Forgot all about it until the way back and heard another low, fearsome guttural growl from the same bushes. Did not stick around to find out what was making the noise, but it could’ve been near a bear den or something. Not sure why it would be so close to the bushwhacked trail, but in case anyone else ventures out there, be warned. I’ve seen fresh bear prints in December out in MA, so I’m not sure how much black bears actually hibernate in WV, either. Saw only 1 person in the 4.5 hours I was on the trail.

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