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8 days ago

This Trail is currently closed due to park expansion. 1/13/2020 Check Yadkin County Parks and Recreation website for updates.

25 days ago

Day 1: started at south trial head with pup Waylon and hiked north towards yate’s place.

1 month ago

Enjoyed a cold morning hike at this park. All three trails are in great condition.

Just hiked this with 20 Boy Scouts - we went North-South. Great weekend trek that accomodates both tents and hammocks alike. Hiked in 6 Friday night, 12 on Saturday and an easy 2 out Sunday morning (point to point - it takes about 25 minutes each way to ferry cars between the trailheads). Definitely achievable by most skill levels. Plenty of established campsites along the trail. Only note of caution, take advantage of your available water sources if it's been a dry season.

Hiked the Uwharrie NRT from NC-24/27 trailhead to Jumping-Off Rock trailhead and back on September 22-26 (Sunday evening to Thursday). Trail mostly deserted of mammals (saw only one squirrel, another camper, and two day hikers. With the recent dry weather stretch, water sources proved challenging. Other folks more experienced on the NRT or luckier may find more sources, but here's what I saw for reliable water during that time: from NC-22/27 north to NC-109, Wood Run Creek (a few spots) and Big Island Creek (solid at trail crossing); and past NC-109, Cattail Creek, Spencer Creek, and Barnes Creek near the Jumping-Off Rock Trailhead.

I went on a Thursday mostly deserted . The trail was well marked . I enjoyed it . Going back soon to walk the entire trail.

Have just walked 3.5 miles in and back from southern end. Nice challenging moderate trail for my wife and I on a hot late Aug. afternoon. Will go back hopefully for point to point on longer outing when a bit cooler.

I started this hike at the 24/24 trail head, then took the Woodrun trail to the camp at the top of the road. From there I used the Keyauwee Bike Trail to jump across to the Uwharrie Trail which took me back to the 24/27 trailhead. probably 4.5 miles total. Great moderate hike.

Very much enjoyed backpacking the trail and would do it again. I felt there were a couple stretches after Yates Place (went South to North) where there are not that many campsites. Easy to stay on trail thanks to all the blazes.

Great hike. Longer than it is listed tho. It is actually 22 miles exactly

11 months ago

Very muddy and with several short and a couple long creek/river crossings. Lovely gentle up and down forest.

I built a 13.5-mile loop that started on Dutchman Creek Trail and ended with the Uwharrie Trail. It was an excellent hike, and my dogs loved it. The hills were moderately challenging, and there were plenty of streams for water. I recommend water treatment tablets if you choose to drink from the streams. As far as views, the trees prevent anything spectacular, but the terrain itself is pretty.

I love this trail. But!—has anyone else noticed a vast difference in mileage? I have walked this 3 times using various Garmin devices, and all 3 devices have given me a total distance walked well above the 18.9 miles that is advertised. My Garmins have all been in the 20 mile range. I have stayed on the trail and even calculating some GPS ‘drift’ I can’t see how there is such a huge difference. Thoughts?! None the less, a GREAT HIKE!!!

Tue Dec 11 2018

I hiked a southern portion of the trail- from 24/27 trail head to Hwy 109. It ended up to be about 12.6 miles. At my stage of the game and being in pretty good shape, it kicked my rear end. The weather was cool 48 to 58 degrees and sunny. It was great hiking weather. It had rained the previous 4 days and the creeks were running. I had to hop scotch over many on the rocks. The ups and downs were moderate for the most part. But there were some that were pretty steep. I enjoyed my trip very much and will plan on going back.

Tue Jun 26 2018

Did a short hike on the southern portion of the trail but going back for an overnight backpacking trip. Trail was marked well. Nice elevation change, not too drastic. Lots of great areas for camping. Went on a Saturday morning and was on the trail for about four hours. Ran in to trail runners every 20-30 min. Not too crowded. Had a great time with my wife, 5-year old and dog.

Kind of a boring hike, lots of geckos and snakes. smelled very good!

I have driven this beautiful section of the Parkway many times. I have also hiked some of the trails along the road several times. Great views.

My wife and I set out with another couple to hike the trail over the weekend in early June. Unfortunately we had a bit of a late start and didn't get onto the trail until the late afternoon. We started at the southern trailhead and made it about 5 miles before setting up camp for the night. There are plenty well established campsites along the southern portion of the trail, to include spots at higher elevation all the way down to small spots in the valley located next to fast flowing creeks. Plenty of thick overhead coverage to keep you cool, and for the most part the trail was pretty dry. I've noticed there isn't a whole lot of information online about the trail so a few things to note: -Unlike a few trails in NC there are not pumps or shelters with potable water to access. -Yates Camp doesn't have any access to potable water despite being a large camp ground. -The southern portion of the trail is less demanding, and heavily populated with day trip groups such as Boy Scouts, Class trips, and families... it was incredibly noisy in the area even at sun down. Overall its a great trail with a few sections that are physically demanding and enjoyable. Hope to hike it again in the fall.

A great place to take the family. It offers many things to do.

Try to go on a blue sky day! An AMAZING view!

Wed Jul 05 2017

Hiked and ran 50 miles in 1 day, this was one of the trails I'd hit. Tons of bugs, especially cobwebs in the morning. The middle section with the giant trees and fern was the best. Had to use a bug net over my head due to too many cobwebs blinding me and around 20 or so mosquito bites when they bit through my clothes. It's true, this trail is treacherous sometimes. It rained and thunderstormed when I was out there and everything became very slippery. You lose the trail the most when it runs into a campsite. Sometimes it's real hard to find the white blaze again. This place is very hilly, which makes it that much more challenging.

Wed Apr 19 2017

Nice trail with lots of streams to get water. It is well marked but around the streams there are numerous paths made by campers that can lead you down the wrong trail if you are not careful.

2nd time doing a full thru-hike of the completed 19.4 mile section. Parked one car at Jumping Off Rock Trailhead and started at the 24/27 Trailhead. First 6 miles or so we're very wet, lots of stream crossings, but only had one noticable extended uphill. Made it to Hwy 109 trailhead (mile 11) in 5 hours. Continued to the only real bridge near the turnoff for West Morris Mountain Campground. Spent the night next to the river Next day had several of the larger uphill sections, hiked the remaining 6 miles in about 3 hours. Good hike, no real overlooks, but probably do it again the the fall when the leaves are changing

Parked at 109 trailhead and headed south to intersection with Dutchmans Trail and back, about 7 miles RT. No other cars in the parking area Saturday at 1pm. About a mile of the trail exhibits the after effects of a recent Forest fire. Interesting to see that the 2 firebreaks actually worked. Nice mix of up and down, a few stream crossings, but enough rocked to keep toes dry. One is a log crossing; not difficult, but was giving a group of students pause. Fortunately they let me pass. One other car in lot upon my return.

great trail!

Craggy Gardens to Mt. Pisgah is one of my favorite stretches of the BRP. Located on both sides of Asheville, great hikes include Mt. Pisgah, Craggy Gardens, and Craggy Pinnacle. You also can take a detour to the famous Biltmore Estate or stop for lunch in Asheville, maybe stay in luxury at the Grove Park Inn, or stay at the rustic Pisgah Inn. Lots of hiking and lots to see and do.

great trail to hike. I am a brand new hiker and me and my family loved it!!! We hiked it and switched to Keyauwee trail heading back to trail head. sort of creating our own 3.8 mile hike. took us newbys 2 hours. had a great time. will be going back to tey out other trails maybe do entire trail one day.

Sun Feb 12 2017

a lot of blow downs from recent storms but the trail was clear.. heard a tree off in the distance come crashing down yesterday near nightfall. Parking lot was packed..

I love witnessing the amazing Parkway scenery on this section, completing some of the spectacular trails like Craggy Gardens/Craggy Pinnacle and Mt. Pisgah, and then ending the day exploring wonderful Asheville!

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