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2 days ago

Nice out and Back in Summer and in Fall

Highly recommend this trail. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of climbing and dips along the way. It’s well marked and beautiful scenery along the river. It’s rated moderate which is accurate for this area. There is also a great mountain bike trail that definitely would give any mountain biker a good workout.

4 days ago

4 days ago

Great walk, easy terrain, nice distance and beautiful scenery!

The city park has a great trail the begins at the old canoe house by the fire departments substation. The trail follows the Cohansey River behind the zoo and to Sunset Lake. The course loops around the opposite side of the zoo and meets back with the original trail by a bridge near the basketball courts. Very easy course as I walked with my son with no issues.

I completed this entire hike couple of years ago, took me 5 Sundays to complete. The canal and towpath are longer than what it says on here. Maybe closer to 50ish miles. The towpath continues to Frenchtown even after the mouth of the canal on the delaware side. It's a easy trail, pretty flat, like most Of the state! It goes from New Brunswick to Trenton and up to Bull's island on the Delaware river on the Western side of NJ. I walked from New Brunswick to Bulls Island. Thankfully I was able to arrange transportation back those days For the most part, it's a great walk a very beautiful. Can get a little boring at some parts but, there are some cool historical areas and information along the trail. where do you go from Princeton to Trenton it gets a little less scenic and the canal you don't see at points for it goes though private property. The towpath continues on however, in Trenton, where it's best to reroute to Caldwater Park. Then you can go back on the towpath and the canal to Bull's island. Along the way is Washington crossing State Park and Lambertville-New Hope. When you get away from skank Trenton, it becomes more scenic again!

Perfect mix of scenery.

saw 2 deer

nice wide open trail. saw 2 deer.

11 days ago

today was the most people I've seen in this park. it's a nice warm January day

Nice easy trail

Nice stroll. Probably great for a trail run.

11 days ago

beautiful ocean and beach views.

Nice and fairly easy trail with huge parking and two lovely little waterfalls

18 days ago

Was hoping to get some pictures before the fog lifted. I got a ton of great ones anyway. Got a lot of great pics. Saw a lot of deer.

This hike goes through a lot of nice areas near streams, but it also makes use of a lot of road walking to get from one trail to the next.

First time hiking the trail with my wife. lots of fun.


it was horrible there were trees and birds and ponds and rivers with fish was expecting a paved trail but it was made of dirt instead very disappointing haha

Me and Dylan went to an unmarked trail off the black trail right after the dam. Took every right turn available. went down into a valley. Continued to follow it out of the valley thinking it might circle back around to the reservoir. There was almost a view at the top but the trees were too thick even in winter. The trail started to disappear so we Went back the way we came. A beautiful hike.

Great place for a nice walk or flat, sandy run at some points. Wide easy to navigate trails. The river is beautiful!

23 days ago

Fantastic trail along the Delaware river. A hidden gem. Trail is wide, flat with lots of access points to the water which can be diverting. But as you continue on the trail you will be surrounded by the water on both sides so don’t let earlier access points to the river distract you. You will see trash that has been washed ashore and since you start out right next to the bridge there is much traffic noise until you get further away from the highway. But looking past that it is a beautiful walk along the river. One that I plan to come back to often.

Well marked trails. If you do all of the trails in a giant loop you will go about 5.2 miles. There are also options to do smaller trails. Some.elevation and climbing on steps. Nice views of the river. It is fun to come across historic ruins while walking the trail. There are some areas where the bike trail and the hiking trails coincide so you have to be aware. A great spot for a day hike.

My son Dylan and I and our dog Harley started off on the black trail on top of the dam. Then we took an offshoot down in unmarked Trail into the woods. Some great views through the trees and along the trail.

26 days ago

Biking this trail was a decent workout! It was pretty rocky, and coming back the incline was too steep to stay on the bike. It did though have great views around the water and a nice scenic shot of the NYC skyline. It took us almost an hour to bike.

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