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3 months ago

We hiked up from Warm Creek. Steep hike for 1.5 miles but then you’re in beautiful pebble creek meadow. Trail was snow covered and at higher elevation about ankle deep. We saw a ton of fresh tracks including mountain lion and moose. The first open area at rock slide is great place to sit and have a snack.

4 months ago

Very rocky and thick like my girl

5 months ago

Beautiful trail that hugs the Missouri, making for a great early outing. As others have mentioned, the rocky areas become quite hot during the afternoon. I didn’t see any notable wildlife but keep an eye out for snakes near the rocks and river’s edge.

Big ol gopher snake found right on the trail, other than that very mellow and beautiful hike!

6 months ago

Trial has as of now a lot dead trees but views are still good enough for hiking. You can take a dog with you. Walking slowly need about 4h to finish otherwise under 3h. We like it a lot. 9 year old come with us did fine.

6 months ago

This trail actually takes you up to the ice caves and does not take your to the waterfall.

Beautiful trail with beautiful wild flowers.

absolutely beautiful trail! I did this with my younger kids ages 6 and 9 and my mother age 58 and it was perfect. Beautiful view, variety of trail conditions such as walking on huge flat rock to dirt trails. One of my new favorite trails... just be ready to walk across alot of rock and have to watch where you are stepping. Also nice entry ways down to river about a mile down trail with good fishing:)

6 months ago

There is parking at the end of the dead end road down by the dam. there are lots of signs and a closed gate at the dam but you just need to open and walk through the gate. Lucky for me some others came along and showed me or I would have gone home disappointed! This was a nice hike, I only went one mile out and back. At one mile there's a nice spot where you can get down to the water and rest if you wish. Storm clouds started rolling in so we're headed back. There was a small spot where the trail is very narrow, almost washed out for a couple yards, one misstep and I was afraid I was going all the way down. I was ok on the way back, probably because I'd successfully traversed it once! Walking across those big flat boulders was the best! So much fun! The scenery is beautiful, bring a camera.

8 months ago

Trail narrows at times, but well maintained and easy to find. Easy hike with rocky terrain that's fun to navigate. Great views of the dam and river.

9 months ago

This is a great family friendly trial. Did this with my four kids, ages 8 down to 3 and we really enjoyed it! (The 3 year old was in the backpack) The trail starts off in full sun, but about a mile in you’ll start to have some shade. We did this at a relaxing pace and enjoyed following along the river.

Beautiful! I am was super surprised by this trail. It meanders along the Missouri River and is totally beautiful. Fairly easy hike. Though I would not recommend taking dogs, my dog came with and there is a section of rocky path that was a bit difficult for him and it scared him. Plus he tried to jump into the river several times.

A buddy and I started at the Warm Creek trailhead and hiked in to 3P5 campsite 30 Aug 2018. The first 1-2 miles was a difficult ascent. The hike then opened into a beautiful meadow with several easy creek fords. The specific campsite was right along Pebble Creek and simply as good as it gets for backcountry camping. After setting up camp, we hiked another mile or two through the meadow toward Bliss Pass and then back to our site. We hiked back to the car the following morning. I wish we could have through hiked to Pebble Creek campground because it was no doubt a gorgeous hike.

We started from Pebble Creek and headed northeast staying at P1 night 1, P2 x 2 nights and P5 the final night. On our 3rd day we hiked up Bliss Pass. When going North you have a steady, rolling up hill gain except the first day of around 900 feet. That leaves a short 200 foot gain over about a half mile on the last day followed by a steady drop to the Northeast parking lot. Bliss Pass was beautiful and took about 3 hours to hike we stopped often and didn’t rush it. We had glorious views from the top and had a leisurely stay of 2 hours before heading back down which we did in 2 hours. All 3 camp sites were nice and allowed us to hike in, set up and then explore the area. P5 however is the best of the best! Truly enjoyed this hike!

This was our family’s first backpacking trip (kids ages 6, 10, 11). We hiked the first half from the Warm Creek Trailhead to the back country campsite 3P2. We spent 2 nights at the campsite and then hiked the other half out to the Pebble Creek campground area. It was a beautiful hike - meadows of wildflowers, mountaintop views, and several fords across Pebble Creek. It was not crowded at all - in 3 days I think we saw about 5 other groups. The first 1.2 Miles on day 1 were brutal!

Great, easy walk along the river. Saw a handful of kingfishers, a few ospreys, and a bald eagle. Fun to imagine the Corps of Discovery heading through the canyon.

Sun Jul 15 2018

Love this trail. It’s absolutely beautiful and the rocky red canyon walls make it hard to believe it’s just mere minutes outside of the Helena city. You DO walk across the dam (despite the signs and gate making it appear that maybe you cannot) to begin the hike. The first half is walking over rocks that have been positioned into a nice walking path, the second half is a sandy/dirt path through trees. It is incredibly scenic and you’re bound to see quite a few boaters and people fishing along the trail. My dogs love being able to wade around at multiple spots along this hike. My advice: do not go in the heat of the afternoon as there is no shade on the rocky bits and it gets HOT. So don’t do it on a 98° summer afternoon like I did once, hah. Also, careful with dogs or anyone swimming as the current can be quite strong in most areas! Enjoy.

Wed Jul 04 2018

BTW, this is a water trail. Some walking around the state park and waters edge.

Very fun. You'll do some walking across a solid rock wall just down the trail. it's pretty stable. If you make it to around the big bend in the river the water is more calm and fun for animals. if recommend bringing your dogs some water. Mine got very hot and thirsty a mile before it was safe to approach the river. Expect a steep incline if you want to make it down sooner like I did.

lovely hike! there is a small parking lot at the trailhead. walk across the dam (yes, really) then stay to the left for the "public access trail." very scenic views! we only went part of the way (maybe half?) to a point where the trail was a bit washed away and our six-year-old panicked; adults could have made it past this point, but be aware if you have small children.

Sun May 20 2018

Incredible views of the lake! One of my favorite spots in Montana. Take note that even in mid-June there is a ton of snow near the top so if you don’t have snow shoes you’ll be struggling through 3+ ft of snow for about a mile.

This is a great afternoon walk with access to some really great fishing spots.

This is a nice lakeside park, with excellent beach access for small watercraft.

Cross the dam and follow the signs for the public access trail. It’s been a year since my last hike and this felt more moderate to me. Very scenic and enjoyable hike nonetheless.

Did this hike today. Easy hike with scenic views the whole way

Sun Jun 04 2017

absolutely beautiful Trail! Would highly recommend!

Spectacular views of the Missouri River. There were lots of fly fisherman out on a misty morning and were enjoyable to watch. I was a bit appalled by the garbage left by other hikers, they seem to think the fenced in area near the dam in a dump.

Wed May 03 2017

Beautiful scenery, very rocky once you get to the top and make sure you go in the ice caves on the back side! Gorgeous! And my dog really loved getting to cool down in the ice caves before heading back, definitely bring bear spray and we had a couple run ins in this area!

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