Entdecken Sie die beliebtesten Radtouren in Maryland mit handgefertigten Wanderkarten und Wegbeschreibungen sowie detaillierten Bewertungen und Fotos von Wanderern, Campern und Naturliebhabern wie Ihnen.

9 days ago

Excellent trail for biking! Beautiful views of the Potomac.

Arrived at 9:30 AM. The fog was still thick. The trail was muddy from the rain last night. On the way back to the car, the fog had cleared up.

Lots and lots of stuff on the trail

biked to the 'cumberland bone cave' and back lots of bikers and squirrels.

Run away horse, tour of Fort Fredrick, Big Pool, Western Maryland Rail Trail. Fun day

Did a short 5 mile walk with the dog. Was nice and shaded. Nice for an early fall walk. Lot’s of bikes today.

It’s mostly gravel which makes for a loud walk! But the abundance of shade is wonderful. Relatively flat. Park at mile marker 99, head downriver to marker 97, turn and head upriver to marker 100. Return back to the car and you’ve done a 10k.

easy trail but the gravel towpath is annoying. I would rather hike through a more natural wooded path , no gravel

Nice calm, flat. Easy trail. Great for walking the dog. Mostly shaded.

We hiked from mile marker 109 to 112 and back. The view of the river is only from mile 109 to mile 110 where there is a campground and boat launch. The remainder of our hike was okay but the canal was full of standing water and stinky mud bringing out a lot of bugs.

7 months ago

Leisure foot or bike trail. Easy to ride on a trail bike or comfort bike if you don’t have a mtb.

This is a leisure bike trail we enjoy, nothing spectacular, going down is basically coasting, going up is a workout, some views and nice stops along the way. Being local and have the rail trail access right out my front door, makes this an easy trail that we repeat frequently.

Perfect time to see the bluebells in bloom!

9 months ago

Trailed back down to the 11 turnaround last week and returned to the end which completed the 16 miles point to point trail. I actually covered 32 piles. Nice sunny day with slight breeze. Trail was in great shape. Some mt bikers and bikers; no hikers.

Always a nice hike along the river and crossing the tunnel trail bridge. This is a base route meaning one I do a lot because it’s close to the Marriott. Will always do again.

Picked up from last hike fm 5.2 to 11 mile mark 12 miles today. Train was running. Easter bunny park around the 5 mile mark. Nice day good trail.

Easy trail. I started fm the Fairfield Inn and only planned to do 6miles in/out but really enjoyed the new scenery so did 10. Starting in Cumberland will be a gentle incline for the duration of the hike; from Frostburg it’ll be mostly downhill. Travelled by bikers, runners and other hikers. Will do again but will try for the whole 16 miles point to point.

Muddy. Some icy spots.

Beautiful trail, I’ve hiked and biked this trail dozens of times. Going from frostburg to Cumberland is the easiest the whole trip is a slow downhill terrain. There are rest stops along the way. Geocaching is also a treat along this trail. With some areas with historical facts about the area. I recommend this trail in the fall, nature is beautiful.

Fun ride, train up, bike down

Biked in fall of 2015 and enjoyed with caveats. First it’s flat and straight. Some nice views along the way and a lot of history to check out, and it’s mainly in the shade. But the trail maintenance is poor, lots of roots to discover and if it’s wet, the mud will be miserable. Discovered that it turns to cement when built up between tire and fenders. Like a third brake. Paw paw tunnel was really “cool” and dark. Nice camping spots along the way as well as lock houses that can be rented. Just finished the Gap Trail this fall and what a difference. This followed the rail lines to Pittsburgh over the continental divide and you’d never know you were climbing 1800’ in a half days ride. No roots to wake you and mostly in the shade. Nice views along several different rivers. Viaduct was spectacular as was Big Savage tunnel. And Amtrak will bring you and your bike back to Cumberland! Much better ride than C&O.

Nice and easy trail - at least the short portion I did. Cool things to see along the way.

Wed Jun 21 2017

Fabulous hiking, biking and walking. Packed dirt ride, mostly flat or gentle elevations. Beautiful views along the river and plenty of wildlife to be seen.

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