Entdecken Sie die beliebtesten Scenic Driving-Routen in Kentucky mit handgefertigten Streckenkarten und Wegbeschreibungen sowie detaillierten Bewertungen und Fotos von Wanderern, Campern und Naturliebhabern wie Ihnen.

4 months ago

Grand Ave Cave Tour. (4 miles long, 4 hours). This tour will soon be closed as NPS will upgrade underground trail.

This is a mostly an old paved "trail" that has no view from the peak except for cell towers. This is essentially for those of us looking to scratch another state high point off the list. I did get to see a small black bear ahead of me on the trail on my way down. As soon as it became aware of me the bear ran off.

Trail was ok nice people there. If you want to knock a high point off it’s a easy one

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5 months ago

Beautiful scenery along this drive

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6 months ago

This is a gravel road in between the road signs of Kentucky and Virginia. There are private property signs along the path but that’s for the grassy area not the “trail”. Cars can got up it but only off road type. We took our 11 year old son and 5 year old up the path (5 year old was carried a lot of the way). It was approximately 1.7 miles up on gravel. The top has no views BUT does have the national marker for the highest point (it’s in between a cell tower) and the pretty marker and log box are up there. It is NOT stroller or wheeler good so I don’t know who wrote that. All in all, it was good to mark off our list of “highest points in the USA for each state” but it’s not a scenic hike for sure

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7 months ago

There is a scenic overlook on the Virginia side where you can park before hiking up the unpaved road. An extra star is for this scenic overlook that gives an amazing view of the valley below. Don’t let all the no trespassing signs dissuade you from hiking or driving up the public unpaved road. We drove up it to the service road and hiked about 50 yards or so up the service road to the towers and the highest point in Kentucky. There isn’t a scenic view at the top but it was nice to bag another high point.

The other reviews were correct, no view once you get to the top. There is so much potential but it's overgrown and blah at the top. The "trail" is just a service road and because of that it is wide and no worries about weeds.

We drove up the service road to a small parking area just below the tower area; I wouldn’t drive the last 100 feet of road as it appears to be for service vehicles only and is rough. The tower area has a plaque and USGS marker near it. No real views at top but good views available just inside Virginia border from 190. Temps were about 10 degrees cooler than Lynch, KY and tree budding about 1-2 weeks behind at top. Would have given a 5 if buildings at top were not there, but nothing I can do about that. Be great if state could purchase it and convert to natural feature area and clean it up.

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8 months ago

Very scenic

For a high point it is just a tower hill, no good views or anything to distinguish it.

Definitely would recommend going to this cave, absolutely beautiful. Me and my hubby took the domes and drip stones tour and loved it.

The road up was a little nerve wracking but the "hike" was a quick and easy walk up. No real views at the top, but the parking area has some amazing views.

11 months ago

This highpoint has so much potential but..... The hike is easy up the forest service road. No real obstacles. Go past the Doppler radar dome and hang a left up to the radio towers. Marker is behind the radio towers.

There is nothing scenic about this road, unless you enjoy looking at mobile homes.

Who doesn’t love MCNP?!? Just go, enjoy, take the kids! Depending on your tour as to the length you’ll be in the cave. Do them all it’s worth it! Just remember to buy your tickets way in advance of your planned visit to ensure you’ll have a spot you want!

Beautiful view from the main road 160 crossing over into Virginia but no view at the actual Highpoint. I hiked the main road from the town of Lynch, Ky up to the service road so that I felt like I had hiked the mountain and to my home state of Kentucky’s Highpoint. Easy, service road is wide, well maintained. Beware of bears.

Very easy trail. More of a service road. Worth going to just to be on the highest point in KY. Beautiful scenery, especially to the south.

Love it

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Thu Mar 09 2017

Drove this rode several times some nice scenery

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Fri Mar 03 2017

Beautiful country, well maintained, lots of trails both hiking and biking.

Big Hollow Trail. This trail is 11.7 miles but I did the bottom loop twice and came out at 12.7 miles. There are opportunities on the trail to shortcut it back. The trail is generally flat with few variations in steepness. Great trail for mountain biking or just someone who wants an easy hike in the woods. Not too much for scenery as I said the trail is flat.

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Fri Nov 11 2016

great scenery as i drove through the park at one place i rode a ferry across the river lots of trails in this area to bike or hike. overall a good drive.

Beautiful part of the state. Nice scenery .

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Wed Sep 28 2016

Pretty country drive with some nice views of the Ohio River.

this was a great trail. got a little lost on the way back but found the trail pretty easy again. Definitely worth the drive! best falls we have seen in Kentucky so far!

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Fri Aug 12 2016

Very scenic drive through the park. Did this several years back. Beautiful area!

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Fri Aug 12 2016

Mammoth Cave is a great place. I'll be back.

We did about 6 miles of the trail while waiting to tour the cave, it was absolutely gorgeous and such clean air.

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