Rattlesnake Creek Trail

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Rattlesnake Creek Trail ist ein 12.5 Meilen langer, wenig besuchter Hin- und Rückweg in der Nähe von Brian Head, Utah. Er führt entlang eines Flusses, vorbei an herrlichen Aussichtspunkten und es gibt schöne Wildblumen und oftmals Wildtiere zu sehen. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke als schwierig einzustufen. Hier kann hervorragend gewandert und ein Ausflug in die Natur unternommen werden. Die Route ist am besten von März bis Oktober zugänglich. Hunde sind erlaubt, müssen allerdings an der Leine gehalten werden.

Entfernung: 12.5 miles Höhenunterschied: 3,448 feet Routentyp: Hin & zurück

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A 4 mile 3,200 foot decent through the Ashdown Gorge Wilderness Area to arrive at Rattlesnake Creek. Just north of the Cedar Breaks National Monument boundary is the trailhead for Rattlesnake Trail. A 4 mile (one way)3,200 foot decent through the Ashdown Gorge Wilderness Area to arrive at Rattlesnake Creek. When the summer sun pushes daytime temperatures above 100 degrees in the desert parks of Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon; cooler temperatures at 10,000 foot elevation make for a more enjoyable hiking experience. Rattlesnake Trail makes it decent along the Cedar Breaks National Monument amphitheater offering short side trails to the rim for a peak at the colorful limestone pillars called Hoodoos. Most of the trail consists of an alpine ecosystem and snow often stays in the shadows of the tall Fur, Spruce and Aspen trees until late June / early July. The extra moisture, coupled with less heat, result in deep meadows filled with grasses and wildflowers. The views are fantastic, the air is cool and clean.

4 months ago

If you’re looking to get away from tourists then I would recommend this trail. Perfect distance for a day hike and has plenty of breathtaking scenery.

Mon Aug 27 2018

went all the way to the first crossing of rattlesnake Creek and spent some time in the valley then headed all the way back up, it was amazjng but I guess I broke my ankle haha I'll be okay though, amazing hike not a hike for beginners it's really hard on the nees down for sure! will do it again for sure !! Sunday, Aug, 26 2018

Fri Aug 03 2018

We did this 12 mile hike over two days back in June and it was absolutely spectacular. The hike from the top down will certainly test your knees particularly if you are backpacking, but at the bottom where it connects to the river there are some beautiful little camping areas for an overnight stay. The hike out along the river is a little treacherous but awesome nonetheless. At the convergence of Rattlesnake Creek and Ashdown Creek you can hike up Rattlesnake Creek gorge to see the two really beautiful waterfalls. It is better to leave your packs hidden somewhere at the convergence and then just hike up Rattlesnake Creek. Be sure to bring a water filter and plenty of sunscreen.

Thu Apr 27 2017

Skirts the Cedar Breaks area, goes through some beautiful Aspen groves, drops down into the river gorge. Also passes by flanigan arch, though a lot of people miss looking up and back at it. Long but so worth it, especially in the fall when the leaves are changing. Take two vehicles as this technically comes out on Cedar Canyon Hwy and is 12.6 miles one way... park one car at the end and one at the start.

Sun Feb 05 2017

Beautiful breathtaking views less than a mile from the trail head. Unfortunately there was a good 50"+ of snow and couldn't find the trail anymore. It's gorgeous in the summer as well!

Tue Jul 19 2016

This is a fun hike that few people do and even less stay the night. The trail begins above cedar breaks and ends in highway 14. The total hike from peak to exit is about 12 miles. You descend rattlesnake creek trail for six miles until it connects with the ash down gorge trail. Once you reach ash down it is another 5-6 miles until you exit out at the landslide area in highway 14. Two things to note: 1. Taking two cars is a must. Park one at the top and one at the bottom so you don't have to hike out. 2. The ash down gorge trail goes through the river nearly the entire time. You will get wet up to your knees. It cannot be avoided. If backpacking Take 2 liters of water and a water filter. The two liters will last you to the base where you can filter from the river.

Fri Aug 19 2011

Walking through alpine meadows in the early morning. Deer on the trail. Sunrise over deep red, yellow and orange amphitheater. Hillsides full of wildflowers. Lush pines, and a cool mountain stream to soak your feet in at the end. What's not to love?

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