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Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge Trails

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Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge Trails ist ein 3.9 Meilen langer, moderat besuchter Rundweg in der Nähe von Fort Worth, Texas. Er führt entlang eines Sees, entlang eines Flusses und es gibt schöne Wildblumen und oftmals Wildtiere zu sehen. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke für alle Leistungsniveaus geeignet. Es gibt verschiedene Aktivitätsmöglichkeiten. Die Route ist das ganze Jahr über zugänglich. Hunde sind erlaubt, müssen allerdings an der Leine gehalten werden.

Entfernung: 3.9 miles Höhenunterschied: 173 feet Routentyp: Rundweg

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Please note the western portion of the Riverbottom Trail is currently closed (from Boardwalk to Shoreline Drive). The Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge is a hidden jewel-a wilderness comprised of forests, prairies, and wetlands reminiscent of how much of the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex once looked. Replete with native flora and fauna, beckons to those searching for a tranquil piece of nature. At 3,621 acres, the FWNC&R is one of the largest city-owned nature centers in the United States. Over 20 miles of hiking trails provide easy access to a myriad of natural wonders to be found on the refuge. It was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1980 by the National Park Service. REFUGE HOURS: Winter (Oct-Apr) 8 AM - 5 PM Summer Weekdays (May-Sept) 7 AM - 5 PM Summer Weekends (May-Sept) 7 AM - 7 PM

Beautiful trail. Great for dogs. Saw a alligator, deer and some cows!

8 months ago

I generally go here to bird, but it has pretty decent hiking as far north Texas goes. There are plenty of trails, but driving to the visitor center and hiking from there will give you some elevation change. The Marsh boardwalk on the west is a good spot to look out on the river, and I've seen gator from the trail to Greer Island.

Mon Nov 12 2018

My girlfriend and I came into check out the park. We approached the gate 45 mins before it closed to be told it was closed. My girlfriend had to go to the restroom and approached what looked like a restroom for the booth to be yelled at to turn around and leave. That was what clenched this terrible experience. I can't believe she yelled at us and told us to leave. We had plenty of time for her to go to the restroom and make a few miles. Please save yourself the time and heartache. The trails looked beautiful in all trails and we were excited to hit up the canyon ridge trail but we are never going back and you shouldn't either. Never go here. The hours are terrible too. Why close at 5. Also if you have an iPhone you will be sent to a random road that will never take you to the park.

Wed Aug 08 2018

This is the perfect place to visit if you want to get in a good hike and breathe in good air. The beauty of the green earth, the trees and the animals is humbling.

Fri Jul 13 2018

website says no trail running

Sat Mar 17 2018

3-16-18 Center and Refuge is open, only the West Riverbottom trail is closed. It is a nice place to hike, close to the city. It's Texas scenery so, nothing fabulous. Couldn't find any prairie dogs, but the bison are easily viewed.

Sat Jan 06 2018

As of 01/06/2018 the refuge is closed and no access allowed to this trailed

Fri Nov 03 2017

nice trails, clean, scenic is good.

Sun Jul 23 2017

I covered parts of Prairie, Deer Mouse, Riverbottom, and Caprock - a little over 3miles. Overall, even despite the heat it wasn't bad. The bugs are out in full force which was really irritating the entire time, and there are huge wasps so be aware if you're allergic. When I got to Riverbottom I only stayed on it for 10min and then ran to the paved road when I was sure I heard an alligator dunk himself; could have been a big turtle but I wasn't taking any chances. Caprock has a big steep climb on one side of it, not sure about the other. All in all, it was a fairly easy and nice walk.

Wed Jun 21 2017

Awesome walk. Nicely kept trais.

Mon May 22 2017

The trails were well maintained. The markings for the trails need some work. Saw bison, deer and one rattler. Traveled the prairie, deer mouse and river bottom out to the rest a while structure. it was an easy hike.

Wed May 10 2017

Love this place for hiking! The trails are relatively easy, and there's a beautiful view on all of them. A few are close to the water, so if you're weary of snakes and such, I'd avoid those. There's a ton of wildlife to see and an interactive area where you can learn more about the wildlife around you. It is a $5 fee to get in, dogs are allowed but must remain leashed. They also have events from time to time. It's a gorgeous center and a great place to take kids to educate them on the wildlife and ecosystems around them!

Sun Mar 12 2017

The map was a tad confusing, however I had a great guide with me.

Thu Dec 01 2016

GORGEOUS day for a hike! So many years since I've been hear, so nice to rediscover. So many trails to discover and so much to do! Will definitely bee back soon! #52hikechallenge2016

Sun Oct 02 2016

Good trail, not very difficult.

Wed Sep 21 2016

My husband and I wanted to check this place out because we had heard good things about it through their Facebook page. we went and hiked for about two hours. There was a lot of neat wildlife out there, including the Buffalo like they advertise. Unfortunately, for my taste, some of the trails were not maintained enough. There were a few places you would have to walk through tall grass, and considering the proximity to the lake and the fact that we spotted a cottonmouth, it seemed like it would increase your chances of being bit by a snake. There is a neat little educational center with an owl, hawk, baby alligator, snapping turtle, and a few snakes on display. They also have a neat birdwatching room. Even as an adult, I felt like the center was neat. I would recommend these trails still, but be wary on them because of the snakes and the fact it isn't as maintained as some of the other non-concrete trails in the area.

Sun Jul 03 2016

Great shaded trail along the Trinity. Called Turtle Trail off of Shoreline Drive.

Fri Jun 03 2016

I really like this place. Fun to see bison and all kinds of other wildlife. Pretty peaceful scenery and overall it's a beautiful park.

Sun May 29 2016

Easy trails with nice CCC stone work.

Mon May 23 2016

Good fun easy trail, we saw plenty of wildlife including an Aligator.

Sat Apr 02 2016

Beautiful area!

Sat Mar 19 2016

Beautiful day and the trails we took by Greer Island were excellent!

Tue Mar 01 2016

Love this place. Frequent visitor. Many different trails to choose from and the scenery is magnificent.

Sat Feb 20 2016

Beautiful out here.

Sat Jan 09 2016

Loved it !! Cold 38 degree day so we took short 3 miles hike by the waterline. Will be back very soon. Beautiful trails and very quiet

Sat Dec 26 2015

Multiple trails with easy to moderate difficulty. Very nice nature trails with wildlife and trees all around, not to mention the lake. Needs multiple visits to complete all trails in this place. Nice for a hiking weekend while enjoying the city at night.

Wed Dec 16 2015

great trails, but park hours are from 8-5. you have to be out of the park by 5. my main purpose in coming here was sunset photography.

Sun Aug 30 2015

I've walked all of these trails. There's something for everyone. I usually hike there a couple times per week.hard to believe there is anything better in the metroplex.

Wed Aug 26 2015

this was my first hiking place. i had no idea it even existed. but it's amazing!!!

Sun Jun 07 2015

Great jaunt for Fort Worth area. I'd class this moderate for difficulty. I've hiked many trails all over the country and this is a fairly strenuous hike depending on the speed you go and the time you have. I typically base the amount of water I bring based on difficulty level and length and my kids and I could have used another 3 liters. Beautiful views of the lake and the ruins were an interesting conversation piece

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