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Stiffknee Trail

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Stiffknee Trail ist ein 3.6 Meilen langer, moderat besuchter Hin- und Rückweg in der Nähe von Vonore, Tennessee. Er führt entlang eines Flusses, durch schönen Wald und es gibt schöne Wildblumen und oftmals Wildtiere zu sehen. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke als moderat einzustufen. Es gibt verschiedene Aktivitätsmöglichkeiten. Die Route ist am besten von März bis Oktober zugänglich. Hunde sind erlaubt, müssen allerdings an der Leine gehalten werden.

Entfernung: 3.6 miles Höhenunterschied: 1,328 feet Routentyp: Hin & zurück

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Wed Jan 23 2019

Great for backpacking if doing the loop; start at Farr Gap: stiffknee to Slickrock Creek to big stack gap branch to fodderstack to Farr Gap. Definitely give yourself a couple nights for the loop. my friends and I did it back in September 2018 with 1 night on the trails but it was strenuous. This is not a beginner trail. No blazes. Trail signs are sparse even at creek crossings. know the trail numbers before you go, trail crossing posts often had numbers not trail names.

Tue Oct 09 2018

this trail should not be rated easy but nice trail nice cs on slickrock trail

Fri May 04 2018

This is NOT an easy trail and not recommended for out and back. After leaving Farr Gap you enter Wilderness and a steep drop - 40% grade - you don't want to hike up this trail. Great way to get to Slick Rock Creek and beautiful camping spots. Good for multi day trip to Yellow Hammer Gap, Nichols Cove, Big Fat Gap to Hangover, Bob Bald and Beech Gap. It was part of the Benton Mackaye Trail but BMT was rerouted because of the dangerous crossing (at high water events) at Slick Rock Creek.

Tue Apr 03 2018

Trail is to the right & there is a map. Pretty insignificant trail. Very seldom trafficked makes you question if you’re even on the trail (+ no blazes or anything). Best views are from the beginning. Should be rated hard. Getting there: Our map provides two ways and we took the shortest time option which was the longest in the forest... bad idea. We added 2 hours to our commute because we took this way and it’s mainly a dirt road with a bunch of holes and I drive my civic.

Wed Sep 27 2017

well to start with i would not rate it easy. the trail head is flat then all down hill from there, they do call it stiffknee. once you decend the walk through the hollers are great, the junction of little slick rock and slick rock creek is worth a sore knee. just remember what went must go up. i would plan a good day for this hike, take some hammocks and cook a meal and relax, you will burn the calories on the hike out. great trail last i was on.

Sun Jul 30 2017

I love this trail. However, giving it an "easy" rating is crazy. I've been on many trails I'd rate easy before I'd consider this one easy. My friends and I judge all other trails by stiffknee on our stiffknee scale. Just saying.

Mon Jul 03 2017

This trail is specified easy on here. It should be difficult! Unless your going in and not coming back out and going to the other side to get picked up. Lots of blow down in the cove on the way to little slick rock but worth it . Very beautiful.

Fri Jan 22 2016

Excellent trail with many scenic views. Trail isn't marked being in a wilderness area. Great access to Slickrock Creek after 3.7 miles down hill. The most beautiful campsite you'll find anywhere at the trail's terminus with the Slickrock Creek trail.

Sat Jun 10 2017