Bruce Lake Trail

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Bruce Lake Trail ist ein 7.3 Meilen langer, wenig besuchter Rundweg in der Nähe von Greentown, Pennsylvania. Er führt entlang eines Sees, durch schönen Wald und es gibt schöne Wildblumen und oftmals Wildtiere zu sehen. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke als moderat einzustufen. Es gibt verschiedene Aktivitätsmöglichkeiten. Die Route ist das ganze Jahr über zugänglich. Hunde sind erlaubt, müssen allerdings an der Leine gehalten werden.

Entfernung: 7.3 miles Höhenunterschied: 380 feet Routentyp: Rundweg

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7 days ago

Even though we almost got lost, almost lost some shoes due to the flooded & muddy “trail”, and got eaten alive by all the insects from the overgrown greenery we had a great time exploring! Our dogs LOVED it and with the right gear we would do it again. Make sure your pups are on a flea & tick preventative along with some spray as backup!

aufgezeichnet Bruce Lake Trail

5 months ago

Getting around Bruce lake is a crock of garbage !!! The trail barely exists, it’s all marsh that sucked our feet in. We had to carry our beagle through certain portions. Took the shorter route once we had gotten around the lake - was more fun than the car-wide path that constitutes the beginning of the trail.

5 months ago

Went with a group - some more experienced hikers and a bunch of novices. There wasn’t a lot of elevation change, just a nice walk in the woods. But repeating what others reported, the trail pretty much vanished into the overgrowth trying to loop around Bruce Lake. We bailed about three miles in. Didn’t see many (any?) ticks, but hey. If you’re hiking in the woods in PA in the summer, you’re going to have to expect ticks. It’s like it’s our state insect or something. ;)

aufgezeichnet Bruce Lake Trail

5 months ago

Super easy. Stroller friendly. Great for jogging. Peaceful

6 months ago

Good trail a nice mix of hiking and walking. Trail becomes very overgrown, kept walking thinking it has to get better, but no. We were up to our armpits in brush, scared about ticks, we turned around ( did a tick check) and reversed out. Disappointed that we couldn’t complete both lakes, but had an enjoyable 3.5 hours out. Beautiful views.

7 months ago

The trail was nice & the lakes were beautiful, but please be prepared for ticks while on this trail. Wear long sleeved shirt & pants, and check for ticks once you leave the trail. Discovered 3 ticks- 1 on my shoe, another on my sock, & 1 on my pants leaving the trail. Found another 2 when I got home.

7 months ago

I echo what Mechele said. I give one star only to catch people's attention. The trail itself is nice enough, but even covered up, we have never seen a tick situation like we did on our hike, and found ourselves pulling them off going into the next day notwithstanding numerous checks once we got out. Really put a damper on our weekend.

7 months ago

Trail was very peaceful; brush covered for approximately two miles; recommend long pants/long sleeve top. Ticks are HORRIBLE! Wear protection and protect your pet. We pulled about 100 ticks off our dog and dozens off my husband.

8 months ago

It's my first experience with the app. So 3 stars seems low. But I cant really compare with other trail yet. As a trail runner. I had fun. Trail was muddy at the south end of Bruce lake, then it got really overgrown coming back by West branch Trail and full of ticks. Still nice trail.

Tue Aug 28 2018

Always a pleasant and enjoyable walk, although I have not been going all the way around the lake this summer as everyone says the far portion of the trail is very overgrown. Be sure to bring good bug repellent with you!! The bugs have been pretty awful this year, every time I've gone.

Thu Aug 02 2018

The worst hike I've ever done.... it started out ok around the Egypt meadow path but once we got onto the lake trail, it went south fast. The trail was very boring up to Bruce lake as it was pretty much a gravel road with some grass. Then we reached the Bruce Lake "trail." It was so overgrown for miles we would have been lost without the sporadic trail markers. The plants were waist deep for the majority of the time and you couldn't see where you were stepping. We're talking Forrest Gump "rain coming from underneath" amounts of foliage. At points we had to stop because we could hear bears walking through the woods and our suspicions were confirmed by bear tracks and feces. Once our survival was more certain and we escaped from the underbrush, we found that we had ticks all over our selves..... We will NOT be doing this one again.

Wed Jul 18 2018

Can enter area from several locations. Egypt Lake entrance is more rocky hiking around lake but beautiful. If you follow 390 down farther to Bruce Lake trail the path is smoother. About 1.5 mile hike to Egypt lake or 2.5 to Bruce Lake. Both beautiful.

Tue Jun 26 2018

Great trail until going around lake (like other reviews). Turns into a deer path loaded with ticks. Could be so nice, but neglected.

Sun Jun 24 2018

Anyone attempting to "work" on the trail should register with either the Keystone Trails Association or DCNR as a volunteer rather than take matters into their own hands. Proper tools are available for volunteers and it allows the bureau to keep a record of what work is done and possibly allocate resources to assist if known about. Hacking your way through the state forest is actually illegal and could get you cited by the rangers for destruction of public property and state resources. Add to the fact that it is a natural area and you may unknowingly harm sensitive vegetation. There are eight plant species, one butterfly species, and four communities of concern in the natural area. If you don't know what they are, it would be ill advised to just start randomly cutting stuff down.

Fri Feb 16 2018

Great hike

Fri Aug 25 2017

The trail is secluded, blueberries line the east side of the lake. Wear pant as the trails are overgrown. West side is horrible and not cared for. Chest high vegetation for approx 0.75 miles. Looks like a deer path. I plan to take time next year and try to clean it up myself as state park staff can not do it.

Tue Aug 22 2017

Completed Bruce lake in August 17' The hike was pretty lax and beautiful on the way to the lake. You pass through a cool rhododendron forest half way there. Once starting the loop around the lake you'll notice the trail only comes close the the lake with views at the apex, otherwise it's 100 to 200 yards from the banks. The reason for the three stars is for the condition of the trail. Over grown with blue berry bushes on the east side that come up waist high... annoying but doable. The west side was so bad you felt like you weren't even on a trail for approx 1 whole mile. Overgrown brush up to your chest/neck. You just have to push through it. I'm going up next year and taking a machete to hack back the overgrowth. I highly recommend anybody taking this trail wear pants and take a machete. If everyone helps out a little it could be a great 4-5 star path. I found out it's managed by the state forestry department and they just don't have the time or volunteers to keep it in top shape.

Mon Jul 31 2017

Did Egypt Meadow trail with my two kids and wife. Kids are 7 and 5. Beautiful hike. Some nice views of the lake when there was clearing from the trees. Took almost 2 hours. Stopped for a little snack.

Sat Jul 22 2017

We agree with others that trail is definitely overgrown in some areas around the lake, so pants are a good idea. The blueberries along the whole lake trail are delicious.

Sat Jul 08 2017

Backside trail very overgrown. Lake was beautiful though

Sun Jul 24 2016

Great trail! Loaded with ripe blueberries and black bear! Came across two mothers with their cubs in separate occurrences. Gets your adrenalin pumping for sure. A great mix of about 6' wide trails and then lots of thicket. Highly recommended.

Sat May 28 2016

Did Bruce lake trail to West Branch Bruce trail back to parking... 7.25 miles. Trail starts out wide and then narrows to a deer path. Good hike! Warning: wear long pants the path is overgrown and narrow!

Thu Apr 14 2016

Nice easy wide well maintained trail for hiking.

Sat Mar 26 2016

Great afternoon walk

Sat Feb 06 2016

Nice place. Will get back there in the spring/summer time . For those who afraid to get wet their feet - on the north part of the Egypt Meadow Lake - no bridge, and you have to walk across the stream. In summertime it must be fun.

Wed Oct 14 2015

8.2 miles beautiful hike some parts by the lake could be muddy especially after rain

Tue Oct 13 2015

Awesome trail on a fall day

Wed Mar 11 2015

Enjoyed this beautiful trail a few times since it's close to home. I always bring my hiking staff since I've had to move a snake or two off the trail & measure depth before crossing after a big rain storm. Always a fun trail

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