Blooming Grove Trail

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Blooming Grove Trail ist ein 4.8 Meilen langer, moderat besuchter Rundweg in der Nähe von Hawley, Pennsylvania. Er führt durch schönen Wald und es gibt schöne Wildblumen und oftmals Wildtiere zu sehen. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke für alle Leistungsniveaus geeignet. Hier kann hervorragend gewandert werden. Die Route ist das ganze Jahr über zugänglich. Hunde sind erlaubt, müssen allerdings an der Leine gehalten werden.

Entfernung: 4.8 miles Höhenunterschied: 311 feet Routentyp: Rundweg

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Tue Aug 07 2018

Horribly marked on where the trail begins or how to get there. Horribly marked during trail. Horribly and I mean horrible maintained. Had to walk through grass and thorns up to your waist to end.

Thu May 24 2018

I was legitimately lost, alone, for 1.5 hours with a dead cell phone. The trailblazers are less than adequate if you can even find the trail - which is overgrown to say the least. I crossed many logs on many streams, found my car by following the sun and directing myself. Soaked, covered in ticks, dehydrated and panicked. I had my gps running on my phone to follow the trail - useless. Don’t trust it - it lies.

Fri Oct 13 2017

It was a nice hike in the forest until I couldn’t find the trail once I got to the power lines. There was some new decking that was put up under the power lines with a plastic fence. No way to see where the trail continued. I tried walking under the power lines to get back to the car but ran into a swamp and had to track back and take the same way back. Make sure you go through the gate on the left from the parking lot there is a sign pointing to the beginning of the trail a little ways down the road under the power lines.

Mon Jun 20 2016

Trail was poorly marked. It was a beautiful day. I got about 30 tics. Drop a pin at your car, if you want to get back alive.

Wed Apr 20 2016

walked under power lines, then trail through woods along fenced area to protect seedlings from deer. There are some slightly hilly areas, but still was fun walk. Two ticks came home with me, but all in all another trail on my list.

Mon Oct 15 2012

Easy hike. Marked well in the woods, however, when you have to cross under the electric lines at the far end of the trail, theres nothing marked. We walked over a 5' tall weed field to get into the woods and finally found the trail again. Some white tail deer, woodpeckers and other assorted birds.

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Wed Jul 06 2016