Dorena Lake Loop

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Dorena Lake Loop ist ein 14.1 Meilen langer, moderat besuchter Rundweg in der Nähe von Dorena, Oregon. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke als moderat einzustufen. Hier kann hervorragend gewandert, spaziert und Mountainbike gefahren werden. Die Route ist das ganze Jahr über zugänglich. Hunde sind auf diesem Weg erlaubt.

Entfernung: 14.1 miles Höhenunterschied: 761 feet Routentyp: Rundweg





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From Baker Bay Park, circle Dorena Lake on paved road & bike path This hike can be done in either direction, this discription is clock wise. From Baker Bay park entrance, head west on the highway. You'll pass the road on the Dorena Dam (a nice 1-mile out and back), then drop down the hill past Schwarz Park. After you cross the Row River, take a right onto Row River Road. At the top of the first hill look for the entrance on your left for the Row River Trail. The paved path that follows along the lake and was paved over the railroad right of way. There are several view points along this path and several restrooms. When the trail again crosses Row River Road, take a right onto the road and follow along the river until you meet backup with the highway at the covered bridge. Take a right and head up the hill for about 5 miles back to Baker Bay park. The last part of this hike is along the highway, while there is a wide bike lane, it isn't safe for young kids. This loop is best done on a bike. Hike the Row River Trail

5 months ago

Great views. Paved trail on Roe River Rd side of lake. Lotsa blackberries and apples along the trail! Well maintained and convenient, clean restrooms! No elevation to speak off.

7 months ago

A fun place to go for a bike ride and the path goes on forever, plus there are restrooms along the path. Read a review to park on Row River Road and it was great advice. Plenty of free parking. Bake Stewart Park is one place. They are repairing the path in a few places.

Wed Jun 13 2018

This is an easy and beautiful paved trail. We biked out and back for a total of 13 miles. I do not recommend anyone looping around the lake on the busy road. This app first took us to the swimming area, but I would do the following: From Cottage Grove take a left on Row River road, and park at any of the designated parking areas along the trail.

Sat Sep 02 2017

Lake is beautiful and nice vegetation on all sides of it. Not too many bugs and lightly trafficked during the spring. Nice for a walk or any lake activities.

Thu Jun 22 2017

Pretty bike ride on the upper trail portion, not so much on the road portion, I would recommend it for a walk or run if you like paved paths and make it an out and back.

Tue Feb 28 2017

This path is by no means difficult but it is beautiful. There are multiple places to park for free. Dorena lake is pretty big so although I like walking/running I would suggest bringing a bike if you want to get around the whole thing. I just went over the weekend 2/25/17 and a lot of the lake was drained so there were even more areas to explore. Go there if you like well paved paths, beautiful views, and friendly people. Bonus, the lake is great for water sports in the summer.

Mon May 02 2016

This was a really good ride except for the fact that about one fourth - one half was on the main road. One side of the lake is all road and the other side is all trail. Everyone we met was super friendly.

Mon Apr 21 2014

So the loop is actually part trail, part road. However you can ride for a good 15 to 20 miles on the bike path if you plan for an out and back trip. The path has some great views and is a pretty smooth ride.

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