Blue Canyon Trail to the South Blue Lake Group

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Blue Canyon Trail to the South Blue Lake Group ist ein 6.3 Meilen langer, stark besuchter Hin- und Rückweg in der Nähe von Butte Falls, Oregon. Er führt entlang eines Sees, durch schönen Wald und es gibt schöne Wildblumen und oftmals Wildtiere zu sehen. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke als moderat einzustufen. Es gibt verschiedene Aktivitätsmöglichkeiten. Die Route ist am besten von März bis November zugänglich. Hunde sind erlaubt, müssen allerdings an der Leine gehalten werden.

Entfernung: 6.3 miles Höhenunterschied: 1,240 feet Routentyp: Hin & zurück

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Directions from Butte Falls: Follow Highway #821 southeast out of town for approximately 8.5 miles until you reach the junction with Forest Service Road #37. Drive north on road #37 for 8.5 miles until you reach road #3770. Head south on road #3770 for approximately 5 miles until you reach the trailhead.

4 months ago

We enjoyed this hike today. We made it a loop by going back to the trail head on Cat Hill which had some gorgeous views of Mt. Mcloughlin. We detoured to Horseshoe lake and another small lake and ended up with 7.5 miles round trip with about 1100 elevation gain. Don't listen to Google maps. Stay on NF 37 until you turn right on NF 3770!

4 months ago

Nice trail for lake access. This joins up to another trail (not depicted) you can see here.

Did a over night hike to horseshoe lake. It was perfect! I camped on the tip of peninsula at the lake with amazing water views, swam, chilled n read n picked a pound of huckleberries on my out. For those of u waiting for the mosquitoes to be gone! The time is here! None of the nasty little vampires! All the lakes along this trail r beautiful. Blue lake was crowded with families. If you want more solitude go the extra 15-20 mins to horseshoe... beautiful n worth the extra effort!

7 months ago

wear lots of Deet! even with bug spray they were really thick especially at the trail head. we werent able to go further to horseshoe lake because there was a lot of water over the trail. may want to try this again in the fall. using our gps to get to the trailhead took us down a road that we werent able to drive through. had to backtrack. luckily we had directions from another trail book.

Sun Oct 21 2018

Well maintained trail that passes 3 lakes in 3 miles. Trail to Horseshoe Lake is not marked. At the far end of Blue Lake, make a right. Tough climb back out to the parking area, but overall I agree with the moderate rating. Beautiful Fall colors today and only passed 1 other group.

Sat Aug 04 2018

Blue lake is really pretty but the 15 extra minutes of hiking takes you to horseshoe lake. Definitely go the extra 15 minutes. The little jetty is a great place to camp. You have 270 degrees of water views around you, fish jumping, and a bald eagle that stuck around for the 2 days I was there. Would recommend it. I even went with a group where they took 2 babies and a 2 and 3 year old!

Sun Aug 20 2017

Well-maintained trail accessing the southwestern corner of the Sky Lakes Wilderness. Camping opportunities are fairly limited.

Mon Jul 03 2017

Easy well maintained trail to the lakes. Be prepared for the insane amount of mosquitos.

Tue Feb 21 2017

great hike! huckleberries galore-great for overnight camping! wonderful swimming hole!

Wed Sep 07 2016

The Blue Canyon Trail in.Butte Falls, OR in the topo map is not visible, and when switched to the satellite map, is only a partial trail. If this is fixed I will change my rating.

Mon May 25 2015

This is a great trail that take you into some beautiful wilderness.

Sun Jul 16 2017