Gardiner County Park Loop

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Gardiner County Park Loop ist ein 1.3 Meilen langer Rundweg in der Nähe von Bay Shore, New York. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke für alle Leistungsniveaus geeignet. Hier kann hervorragend gewandert und spaziert werden. Die Route ist das ganze Jahr über zugänglich. Hunde sind auf diesem Weg erlaubt.

Entfernung: 1.3 miles Höhenunterschied: 3 feet Routentyp: Rundweg





The hike starts at the Gardiner County Park parking lot, and works around the South end of the conservation area. There are numerous birdhouses hung throughout the trails, and you can expect to see many birds, and small wildlife. Start out on Duck Trail. Walk until you meet up with Fox Trail. Proceed on Fox Trail to Plover. Plover will take you around to the north end where you can cut in on Duck to the parking lot. Use Beach Rd (a wide trail - not a road) to walk to the Great South Bay, and this will extend your hike by about a half mile round trip. Nice views, and a decent beach add a little more to the hike. Look for bat boxes about 8-10 feet up in the trees also. The bats help with the local mosquito population.

7 days ago

Always a great trail, lots of dog. Dog park area And lots of little trails winding down toward the bay. Great park for an hour or to walk, very flat and wide trails but sometimes very muddy.

2 months ago

Such a nice park! Easy walks with tons of trails and very very dog friendly.

3 months ago

Well marked trails with flat terrain. Also when taking an alternate path, can find beautiful views of the water.

4 months ago

On a nice dry day that’s had several dry days before it- this park is great, however if it’s rained within the past four days - expect MUD. Also, very buggy, was there for like half an hour and left with seven mosquito bites!

6 months ago

The fitness trail was fun! Cover up, it is very buggy!!! But a nice couple mile walk!

6 months ago

aufgezeichnet Recording - Jun 20, 10:35 AM

7 months ago

went when it was foggy and supposed to rain. eaten alive is a understatement I was completely covered up too but that didn't help

8 months ago

I hate this park cause there are soooo many bugs. Even with spray I was getting eaten up. If there wasn't as many bugs then I'd enjoy it. I only go here if my friends want to go other than that I try to avoid Gardners

Sun Sep 09 2018

Trail is OK - only problem is dog poop everywhere - a lot of folks bring dogs and not all pick up after them. My kids call this place dog poop park.

Thu Jun 14 2018

nice, straight path down to the beach. there are side trails, but it rained the day before so they were mostly flooded. still a lovely walk with the pups.

Fri Apr 20 2018

I love taking my dog here. Great trail to the water and awesome view.

Fri Nov 10 2017

Great park, just wish people would follow the rules and keep their dogs on a leash

Sat Aug 05 2017

Wear the right clothing!! I got bitten by mosquitoes all over my body even with bug spray.

Tue Jul 18 2017

Bring bugspray! Tons of green flies

Sun Jul 09 2017

Good for a walk with your dog. Lots of bunnies on the walk.

Sun Jun 04 2017

Go early for birding. Being that this is a free Park, with a kids playground, open bathrooms, and ample parking, this place fills up during the day. It's a nice place for kids, as it's a big clean park packed with dogs. The hiking is pretty standard for Long Island, meaning very flat and a bit sandy in places. A well maintained Park, worth stopping by if you're in the area. Don't go out if your way though.

Mon Apr 03 2017

Great walk. short but great

Tue Mar 28 2017

Sean can you really be annoyed about the dogs when it's one of the only parks that dogs can be off leash around here? We're all just trying to have a good time...

Sun Feb 12 2017

love this park especially if you have dogs.

Sat Dec 31 2016

I'm one of those people Sean so deal with it

Mon Dec 26 2016

A nice easy path to walk, but rather high traffic. Note that several people walk their dog off-leash, which gets annoying in a popular area...

Mon May 30 2016

Great place to bring the kids and dog. My family and I visit this trail regularly.

Tue Apr 26 2016

Such a great park love to take my dog here. Nice easy trails and a great walk down by the water. So pretty during all times of the year. Definitely would recommend to anyone who likes to bring their dog

Tue Dec 31 2013

Had a great time with the dog. Came during the winter. Can't wait to try it when the weather warms up so the dog can swim!! Definaty recommend if you have a dog because it is very dog friendly.

Mon Aug 26 2013

Great park for a quick jog to the bay. You can always expect to see wildlife.

Mon Dec 31 2012

Nice park. Good for dogs. Lots of different short trails that go off from main trail. Can walk to small beach on the Great South Bay. Pretty in all seasons. I have not found any ticks here. Playground and restrooms too. Busy on weekends.

6 days ago

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