The Catwalk National Recreation Trail

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The Catwalk National Recreation Trail ist ein 2 Meilen langer, moderat besuchter Rundweg in der Nähe von Glenwood, New Mexico. Er führt durch schönen Wald, vorbei an herrlichen Aussichtspunkten und es gibt oftmals Wildtiere zu sehen. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke für alle Leistungsniveaus geeignet. Es gibt verschiedene Aktivitätsmöglichkeiten. Die Route ist das ganze Jahr über zugänglich. Hunde sind auf diesem Weg erlaubt.

Entfernung: 2.0 miles Höhenunterschied: 351 feet Routentyp: Rundweg










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Note: Part of this trail is currently closed due to construction. This is a loop trail over Whitewater Creek using bridges and catwalks. Standing between the entrance pillars with your back to the parking lot, the trailhead is ahead to the far left. There are historic signs and restrooms at the trailhead. There are also signs and distance markers along the trail, but no restrooms. Follow the paved main trail. At 0.18 miles There is a T-intersection and a bridge on the right. Take the trail to the right, cross over the bridge and turn left. At 0.36 miles you come to the first catwalk platform and another T-intersection. Go left at the T-intersection to return to the start. The trail will alternate between dirt/rock and steel catwalk.

2 months ago

Began our hike at 10 am and watching the sun climb in the sky and change the color of the rocks in the canyon was breathtaking. Walking on the new grating was fun and then we hiked up on the piecemeal still available old trail and the obvious packed new route up to the 2 mile mark where large unscaleable boulders and the gap across the river prevent further progress. The sheer demonstration on the power of water at that point is awe inspiring and confounding. Walking along the river at the bottom of the canyon gave spectacular views. On the way back all the little leaping bugs had awakened and clouded the air.

3 months ago

Pleasant, cool, short, easy hike through Whitewater Canyon much of it over catwalk.

4 months ago

Only went 2 mi in... Would have liked to do more. What a gem. I will be back!

Very unique. Trail closed not far beyond the catwalks themselves because of trail construction but still well worth the stop.

6 months ago

Just as the name says, it is a beautiful trail that has a large section that is a catwalk grate right over Whitewater Creek. The catwalk section is attached to the canyon wall. Incredible.

6 months ago

loved this water hike!!!

7 months ago

Pretty awesome. This was our first time at the catwalk. Although part of the trail is under construction you can still wander in pretty far and do some exploring. It is a beautiful area. There were quite a few people visiting the site today.

7 months ago

End of trial is closed due to damage

7 months ago

Construction ends the trail early. Lots of metal and concrete. Not worth the drive.

8 months ago

good! very easy, roaring water, beautiful rock walls and a great engineering feat!

10 months ago

Super fun hike! will have to come back to finish it. after going a little past the platforms the trail is blocked off for construction that will start in July and finish in August. To get to the parking lot of the trailhead you have to drive through a section of the creek! One part of the creek dips pretty low and the water splashed over my hood. Also, bring an extra pair of socks and shoes (or just wear hiking sandals). If you want to go further down the trail you'll have to cross a section of the creek, there are medium sized rocks to walk across but the water will soak your feet.

11 months ago

This place is amazing. I love the beauty and history. I couldn't go as far as I'd like as they are doing some trail construction. It would be great if they finished the full 3 miles of pipeline for trail. They have some very informative plaques at the beginning of the trail but they could use some serious attention as they're slowly deteriorating. I will be back!!

Sun Nov 25 2018

This is a fun, short hike (easy). Right now, part of the trail is closed for repairs. This is a fantastic family hike!

Mon Oct 08 2018

Beautiful canyon and creek. Spectacular views!! We saw javalinas and frogs. Hiked to where Gold Rush trail intersects. Had a great time playing in the waterfalls and photographing the amazing views.

Tue Sep 04 2018

Great family hike! Got a little more adventurous where the trail has been washed out, but the views and landscape make it worth it! We will definitely be back!

Tue Aug 07 2018

Beautiful trail! It is sad that much of the bridges and trail were washed away by flooding, but we were able to climb over some boulders to get down to the water and cross over the creek. We had so.much fun exploring parts of the washed out trail. It is a gorgeous canyon . After our hike we enjoyed lunch in the shady picnic area by the creek. The bridges and some of the rocky areas could be hard on a dog’s feet. Also the hot asphalt parts of the trail that were in the sun got pretty hot and we had to carry our dogs. It is truly a beautiful place. I hope they are able to rebuild the whole trail.

Mon Jun 18 2018

Great trail, the first 1/2 mile on the Catwalks is neat, then definitely go down the stairs at the end of the Catwalks and find your way upstream to a couple little waterfalls and swimming holes. You can walk upstream or find the trails on either side of the creek. It’s cool to see the effects of the flood and the burnt trees that it carried downstream. We hiked 2 1/2ish miles upstream to where the whitewater trail intersects. There was some climbing, but pretty easy-moderate over all. Not too crowded and there was minimal litter, which we picked up of course. We picked up only 3 pieces of trash the whole hike.

Mon May 28 2018

We took our 10, 7 & 4 yo... the paved area was not really a hike... more like a steep walk. When we got to the end we decided to climb down to the river. For our return we went bouldering, along and through the river to find our way back to the crossover bridge. What was a boring walk turned into a fun hike. note: we went Mem wkd... there were A LOT of people by hiking std and most were hanging out for the day in the river w/ their kids & dogs. If you enjoy a min. peeps kind of trek... it was fairly busy.

Mon May 28 2018

Very nice hike, however a lot of the trail is washed away.

Tue May 22 2018

5/21/2018..took our teenage boys here to experience a short walk in the forest....the trail beyond the fiberglass bridge has been damaged due to some previous flood, Yet the water level in creek was so low that we found a way to walk in creek for 3 miles. There was a pleasant breeze in canyon and plenty of shade. very enjoyable day for the teens. Carry your water/snax.

Fri Apr 13 2018

Very easy and well maintained trail, there was plenty of water and the catwalks are quite the experience. When I went, there was absolutely no damage or construction. I hope they get it all back as it once was..

Mon Mar 26 2018


Fri Feb 23 2018

The trail is great up to where it’s washed out. The road to the trail was also flooded with about a foot of water in two locations. We drove about 4 hours out of the way to do this hike so slightly disappointed that only half of it was possible to see. It is incredibly scenic. The government needs to upgrade the road to the trail and the portions of the trail that wash out.

Sat Jan 06 2018

This is a beautiful pocket of nature that you should take the time to check out, definitely worth the drive I made from El Paso.

Wed Nov 01 2017

I hiked this trail several times before the floods destroyed it. I haven’t been back since they rebuilt it but it is my understanding that it has been completed. The canyon and views were beautiful. Well worth the time.

Tue Sep 12 2017

Cat Walk was an amazing hike! Although the railing is broken off from time to time, there was always another path to take, keeping our eyes on the railing above. We would have made it almost all the way (only 0.5 mile left), if it hadn't been for time restraints. We took our dogs, but there was only so far that they could join us. Overall an amazing family time adventure!

Tue Sep 05 2017

Do some research about the history of this trail and area Needs a little more rebuilding but worth the effort.

Sat Aug 26 2017

Sat Jul 01 2017

It's a great hike!! Beware, if you take cat walk up, lots of bikers are headed downwards and you'll only have a few seconds to step out of the way…it's all uphill too lol Toothpick breaks into multiple other trails and overall is a wonderful hike!

Thu Jun 29 2017

Perfect for kids and families. Bring water hiking sandals and have the kids wear swimsuits.

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