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Sandstone Canyon Overlook from Mountain Springs

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Sandstone Canyon Overlook from Mountain Springs ist ein 10.2 Meilen langer Hin- und Rückweg in der Nähe von Las Vegas, Nevada. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke als schwierig einzustufen. Hier kann hervorragend gewandert und geritten werden. Die Route ist am besten von September bis Mai zugänglich. Hunde und Pferde sind auf dem Weg erlaubt.

Entfernung: 10.2 miles Höhenunterschied: 1,443 feet Routentyp: Hin & zurück




Long & strenuous climb, but the view & isolation is well worth the effort ! You can always tell the difference between a horse trail and a "new" hiking trail. The horse trail is well worn, but is always obvious and generally favors slopes and natural contours; usually follows game paths. The "new" hiking trail is usually in washbeds and drainage with lots and lots of rock cairns. That is the case with this hike. From the time you see the first rock cairn on the R(E) side of the main trail at the Rainbow Springs turnoff, this path generally follows the drainage and there are so many cairns it's as if each hiker left his/her own signature along the way. Follow the drainage as it winds E towards the escarpment in Red Rock Canyon. Work your way up the sloping ridge and find the faint trail which winds along the edge. This is NOT a hike for children, hyper dogs, or anyone with a fear of edges or heights. For everyone else this is a fantastic view looking E all the way into Arizona, past Lake Mead. Retrace your steps on way back.

Sun Feb 18 2018

We followed the horse trail. We walked up to the point shown on the track (but I forgot to start the app) and then walked back. It was very windy (gusts > 40 mph) so we decided to turn back and complete the trail on a future date. What parts of the trail we DID see were very nice. It's an easy walk and we were completely alone. Looking forward to doing the complete trail.

Fri Jan 27 2017

a lot of snow here in late January so we only walked a couple miles, will definitely be back when the snow melts to complete this hike