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Greyrock Summit via Seaman Reservoir

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Greyrock Summit via Seaman Reservoir ist ein 11.6 Meilen langer Hin- und Rückweg in der Nähe von Bellvue, Colorado. Er führt entlang eines Sees, vorbei an herrlichen Aussichtspunkten und es gibt schöne Wildblumen und oftmals Wildtiere zu sehen. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke als schwierig einzustufen. Hier kann hervorragend gewandert werden. Hunde sind auf diesem Weg erlaubt.

Entfernung: 11.6 miles Höhenunterschied: 2,844 feet Routentyp: Hin & zurück









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4 months ago

definitely an expert trail, so over grown hard to stay on the trail not to mention a ton over blow downs. totally doable just know your going to be questioning if your on the trail a lot!

Mon Mar 26 2018

Be sure to pay for parking BEFORE entering the parking lot ($6) -- I made that mistake since there's just a couple of stop signs with no clear indication you must pay before entering. It's a completely unmaintained trail. It's hard to find where it splits off from the reservoir trail. It might as well be an off-trail hike. Make sure you're competent with off-trail navigation. The bushes are a bit difficult to pass in a couple of places. It's a very isolated area once you get a couple of miles in. There's a confusing sign before you get to the reservoir that says the only reason you're allowed to enter is for hunting. It's illegal to stay on the trail after dusk. I didn't make it all the way to grey rock since my knee was hurting. It was still worth going for the experience. I did see some wildlife, and the feeling of isolation is very strong here for how close it is to town (once you get past the reservoir).

Sun Mar 11 2018

I was on the trail by 7:45. It was great morning. Only saw one other set of other hikers until the way down. Beautiful views, windy at the top. Great hike.

Wed Dec 27 2017

This "trail" is so overgrown and poorly marked that you spend more time trying to find it than actually having fun. It is practically a miracle if you can make it through the chest-high thistle in some areas. Not worth the effort

Tue Oct 31 2017

love hiking

Wed May 17 2017

The trail has all but disappeared after about mile 3. We navigated our way to the top, and found cairns every once and a while, but it required us making our own route that roughly followed where the trail should have been. We went back down Greyrock trail, and then took the road back to our car. It was a lot of fun, but if you want to be on a trail the whole time, this is not one to do.

Tue Apr 25 2017

$7 parking. I'm sure this is a lovely trail, but it is NOT for novice hikers like us. It wasn't physically challenging, but it was very hard to keep track of the trail despite occasional cairns. We got lost and went off the trail about 6 times before we just gave up, ended up going about 7 miles round trip. There was a burn in 2012 so there are tons of fallen, burned trees all over the place including the trial which made it confusing. At one point we even ended up having to cross over barbed wire, so we definitely weren't on the right track despite using the All Trails trail map. Wish we had just done the Greyrock Trail and actually made it to the summit. Again user error here, I'm sure more experienced hikers could have easily found their way but if you aren't great at navigation this is not the trail for you

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