Browns Creek and Little Browns Creek Trail

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Browns Creek and Little Browns Creek Trail ist ein 18.2 Meilen langer, moderat besuchter Rundweg in der Nähe von Nathrop, Colorado. Er führt vorbei an herrlichen Aussichtspunkten und es gibt einen Wasserfall und schöne Wildblumen. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke als schwierig einzustufen. Es gibt verschiedene Aktivitätsmöglichkeiten. Die Route ist am besten von März bis Oktober zugänglich. Hunde sind erlaubt, müssen allerdings an der Leine gehalten werden.

Entfernung: 18.2 miles Höhenunterschied: 4,435 feet Routentyp: Rundweg

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Directions from Buena Vista: Drive south 10 miles to County Road 270; and then travel west on County Road 270 for 2.5 miles. This road turns sharply north. Continue straight at this T and follow County Road 272 4 miles to the trailhead.

4 months ago

One of my favorite hikes in Colorado. I attempted this hike last year but cut the effort short due to weather. No issues today, as the weather was perfect. I completed as a day hike (counter-clockwise). It took me 6 hours. Don’t underestimate the difficulty of this hike! ! I’m in great hiking shape and live at 6200’. Plan accordingly. Water is readily available throughout the entire hike. A few sections of the hike were a bit rocky and difficult on the knees/ankles, but overall the trail is in excellent condition. Trekking poles would be helpful, especially if you’re backpacking. Windy and chilly at the top. It felt great, honestly. Overall, great hike. I encountered few people, albeit I hiked on a Monday.

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5 months ago

August 23-25, 2019 A 2.5-day backpacking trip in the books and this one is one of my favorites. I'll start with a description of the trail and then our specific trip. One could definitely do this loop in a day. It won't be the easiest, but it's completely possible. I logged it at 17.8 miles, the All Trails route goes off in a few places. You can also break it up as much as you want, though more than three nights is unnecessary. If you're going to do a through hike in one day, I'd go counterclockwise. If you're going to backpack it, I'd go clockwise. The trail is in amazing condition, well maintained, with campsites spread out evenly everywhere below 12,000 feet. If you go clockwise, most of them are around the 6-7 mile point, near the "lake" (the lake no longer exists) or if counterclockwise, the majority of campsites are 3-4.5 miles in. You're constantly hiking alongside creekbeds with the clearest mountain water you'll ever find. It pools in a lot of places, which makes for some nice, freezing, snow-melt bathing. Going clockwise, once you get past the lake, you turn onto a well maintained 4-wheeler path. We counted 7 total cars on a beautiful Saturday, but most drive up to Mt Antero or Mt White, so you'll interact very little with that traffic. The views are incredible. If you want to summit Antero, I'd add an extra day onto your trip. The majority of hikers make the 6 miles round trip to the falls and then back to the trailhead. Few go further, so if you see a full trailhead and plan on going further, don't despair. (We saw 5 people in 2.5 days.) ________________________________ Our trip: We split our trip into thirds for a nice, leisurely walk through the woods without feeling rushed. Started at 4pm on Friday evening, got to our campsite at the "lake" by 7. Enjoyed a clear moonless night with the entire milky way in the heavens. Stunning. No one else camping nearby. After a relaxing morning, on Day 2 we started around 10:30am, did about 9 miles with a prolonged lunch in an alpine meadow with wildflowers, then made camp about 2:00 at 10,500 feet. Saw three people all day and had another clear, moonless night. Weather was on our side. We packed out Sunday morning around 9, 3.6 miles left, and were back to the trailhead by 10:30, home in Denver by 1. Perfect weekend. Alltrails: Garmin:

5 months ago

wide variety of terrain. loop has a very rocky section.

5 months ago

Made a fun weekend backpacking trip. We did it in one night and two days, then drove home the last day. Went counterclockwise and I would recommend that. Camped at lake, which It looks like the damn washed out and so the “lake” doesn’t really exist anymore. Still made a fun camping stop. Would recommend the top of The lake for camping spots

6 months ago

Amazing hike! We did it in 3 days (taking our sweet time and carrying heavy camera gear) and loved it! We made a YouTube video in our channel “The Backpacking Course”.

7 months ago

1st Day: We went clockwise for this route. Heavy backpack so we made it just past Brown's lake on the first day (7 miles in). Started snowing/sleeting pretty hard so I'm glad we set up camp when we did. 2nd Day: No snow on the trail until about 11,600 feet, and even after that it was avoidable. One large patch blocking the FS road just before reaching the top plateau between Antero and White. Easily avoidable. Way down Little Brown's creek was iffy with large patches of snow we walked over. Luckily it was all ice and there was minimum to no postholing. People say do this counter-clockwise, but without great traction and even an axe, it would be impossible to go up the glacier at the top of Little Brown's for at least another few weeks to a month. Amazing trail overall. 5 stars even though the weather made for an unpleasant experience at times. Definitely would do this again with better weather, and maybe tack on Antero with it. Real calf burner.

Sun Aug 19 2018

Please note, this is a review for doing this route counter-clockwise, so doing Little Brown's Creek trail on the north side first. I did this loop as a day hike. If you're doing this as a day hike, I would definitely recommend approaching it counter-clockwise, as the uphill on Little Brown's Creek Trail was gradual and well maintained. By comparison, County Road 278 and Brown's Creek Trail were much rockier and, as difficult as they were to go down, I can't imagine walking up it. I would recommend hiking poles for this one. On the way going uphill on Little Brown's Creek trail, the trail eventually appears to simply end (above treeline), which is presumably where this route, and where we, walked over to 278. Once near the top of Mount White, you will notice that this trail veers out to the Northwest, instead of hugging around the mountain and going southwest. Essentially, you're scooping a very wide loop, which feels unintuitive at first, but it is the only way to do it. Please note, once we got back to the intersection of Brown's Creek Trail and the Colorado Trail section (toward the end of our hike), there was a sign that pointed to "Wagon Wheel Loop Trail." Do not follow this, as it leads to the Wagon Wheel Trailhead, NOT the Brown's Creek trailhead. Instead, follow the Colorado Trail north for the short jaunt, as this trail guide indicates, and exit onto the wagon loop trail at the second sign, which is the same sign you would have seen in the morning. If you're looking for camping, there were good spots around the lake and especially a bit higher in elevation from the lake. Didn't see a lot of spots in general though, especially on little browns creek trail. This is a really long hike, my legs hurt, but it's really pretty. I wouldn't attempt this unless you've at least done some solid 12+ mile hikes with some solid elevation gain. Bring a hat, gloves, thermal and something to protect your legs, as it is very windy at the top, and we caught some freezing rain. Definitely a nice hike, the lake is beautiful, and I didn't see a ton of traffic. Only giving it 4 starts because of the loose, rocky trail on Brown's Creek Trail and 278.

Tue Jul 03 2018

Only giving 2 stars, because the guide information was wrong. It is a 20 mile loop (according to my GPS), not 15.9, so a bit on the strenuous side. Probably would’ve made it a backpacking trip instead if the information was correct. Very long day hike, but very beautiful and worth it.

Sun Jul 01 2018

The loop as a whole was a decent hike with some spectacular sections along the way. We did this in 3 days and 2 nights with very little planning because it was our plan B. Day one (6.5 mi): Hiked up to Brown's Lake, stopping at the waterfall on the way. The waterfall was definitely the highlight of the day although the lake and valley between the towering mountains came in a close second. The mosquitos were absolutely terrible. Day two(7 mi): We hiked up to the pass where you have the option to hike one more mile and 1,000 more feet to the top of Mt Antero. The hike up to this point is pretty brutal in some spots. Most of the hiking around this area is done on roads shared with 4-wheelers and jeeps, hence the 4 stars. We finished off the day by hiking down to a camping spot near the creek. Day 3 (3.5 mi): Very easy and nice hike out for the final day. Pleasant single track that made the final day enjoyable.

Sat Jan 13 2018

Challenging and breathtaking. One of the most beautiful trails I’ve ever hiked. HIGHLY recommend

Tue Sep 05 2017

Some good camp spots. Not the best lake, not a lot of waterfront so it does get crowded quick. Definitely challenging. Found a neat spot off of the Wagon loop that had a teepee for the night. Waterfall was great! It gets the most foot traffic, you'll run into a lot of people that are just doing that hike. Probably won't do it again, but well worth it to do it once!

Mon Aug 28 2017

Amazing views lots of water some challenging steeps lots of awesome camping spots.

Sun Jul 23 2017

This is one of the best (if not the best) collection of trails in Colorado. From one trailhead you can get SERIOUSLY EVERYTHING. There's a 6 mile round trip hike to a perfect waterfall, there's a 16 mile chill loop to the lake, there's a 16 mile round trip 14er climb to Mt Antero. All of which have numerous perfect camping sites. Don't tell anyone how awesome this trail is, don't want it to get too crowded :)

Sat Jun 24 2017

hard is the correct definition. 50 year old, overweight, smoker.. Llamas didn't break a sweat, I on the other hand could have used a third lung... but, well worth the effort...

Sun May 21 2017

OMG is all I can say! What a stunningly beautiful trail all the way up and back. Although this year's May is still early in the season, we did not fight the post holing like on many of the other trails. Snow covered the trail entirely only for the last 30 min. before the lakes. We hiked to the falls and to the lakes out and back. On the way in we stopped and took pictures endlessly to capture the ever changing scenery, the frozen branches in the creek, and the stunning mountain views. This made it into a LONG day, but well worth the extra time! Especially seeing the towering Mt. Tabeguache while we had our snacks by the lake. Love, love, love this trail. This is a repeat and keeper!

Sat Dec 31 2016

Hike was fairly difficult, especially through the thick snow but totally worth it the scenery was pretty spectacular.

Wed Jul 06 2016

Steep uphill at the beginning of the hike, probably for half a mile. People take horses on this trail and we had to constantly watch where we stepped to avoid the horse poop. The waterfall was a nice end point, there's some sitting space to take a break and eat snacks before hiking back.

Sun Jul 03 2016

First part is pretty steep but gets easier. Worth the effort for the views.

Tue Jun 28 2016

Spectacular views along the ridge line portion of the trail . Steep in areas with rocks and soft ground to negotiate. Awesome hike and the waterfall was amazing. A challenging but rewarding hike for a flatlander who has 3 hikes under his belt. More difficult than Mayflower Gulch and Bakers Tank.

Mon Jun 20 2016

let me start by saying the views are stunning. I am a little shocked that this hike is rated as easy. I did the entire 16.2 mile loop this weekend and I am an avid hiker and in very good was a saaallloooggg to the top. Not what I would rate as an easy hike. The hike down into Browns lake was not easy as well. The 4wd roads are in horrible shape and are a joint pounder. decent sized rocks on the trail for a few miles. If you do this loop, bring your trekking poles as this will help take some of the pressure of the joints. would I recommend this maybe. It was pretty but I have done prettier hikes that weren't such a joint pounder.

Thu Jun 16 2016

We came for a visit, from Texas. Loved the 6 mile round trip hike to the falls. Take plenty of water if hiking in the summer. Wife said it was moderate and not easy.

Tue Jun 07 2016

A group of us took on this stunning hike this past weekend, completing the entire loop. We hiked from the trailhead on Little Brown's Creek trail to the North side of Mount White and around to Brown's Lake on the South side . We encountered lots of snow above 10,000' making it difficult to follow the trail and stay on course. However the views were well worth the extra time and travel. We camped at Brown's Lake and were just awestruck by the views. The second day was a gentle decline down Brown's Creek trail back to the trailhead. Can't recommend this hike enough....although I would wait a couple of weeks for some snow melt.

Mon May 30 2016


Wed May 25 2016

Beautiful hike! We just went to the falls and back, took us about 3.5 hours with frequent breaks to admire the views and to let our lab swim in the streams. Great views of the nearby mountains.

Mon Aug 31 2015

Great trail...beautiful...good view...waterfall lovely. Only hiked to waterfall and back but was a good hike...about 2.5 hrs.

Fri Aug 14 2015

Beautiful view and awesome peaceful camping!

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