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Loma Prieta and Bridge Loop Trail

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Loma Prieta and Bridge Loop Trail ist ein 11.2 Meilen langer, moderat besuchter Rundweg in der Nähe von Aptos, Kalifornien. Er führt entlang eines Flusses, durch schönen Wald und es gibt einen Wasserfall und schöne Wildblumen. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke als moderat einzustufen. Es gibt verschiedene Aktivitätsmöglichkeiten. Die Route ist das ganze Jahr über zugänglich.

Entfernung: 11.2 miles Höhenunterschied: 1,227 feet Routentyp: Rundweg












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This hike offers a walk along the beautiful Aptos creek. Experience the quietness of nature, and try to spot some of the abundance of wildlife that theses redwoods offer. Dogs are allowed on the Aptos Creek Road at the start of this trail, but not the rest.

7 days ago

Beautiful walk.

22 days ago

Great hike, did it after a rain the night before. Really busy but got a good parking spot. Could go a lot further into the park.

1 month ago

Thanksgiving jog with Ruby

4 months ago

Got stung twice. Other than that no complaints. Great trail run

5 months ago

So much fun. A lot of fun parts to navigate. Especially if you head to the waterfall

7 months ago

8 months ago

Plus a bit of Terrence Trail

11 months ago

This is a great trail! Aside from the distance I’d rate it as easy - barely any elevation gain. The forest is gorgeous and the trails are amazingly well maintained. A little buggy tho I didn’t wear bug spray and didn’t get bitten. The only annoying thing is about half the trail is on a road that’s wide and heavily used by bikers. But the most far away third of the hike is empty and is stunning. Would be perfect for trail running as a lot of people were doing.

Mon Oct 15 2018

This park is just the best. Even on days when you don’t have very much time you can hike a few miles and feel secluded in a beautiful natural setting. If you have the time for an extra not even 2 miles—or if you drive in and park in the area by the last gate—the last push on Bridge Creek Trail to Maple Falls is absolutely worth it. Lots of creek crossings and some climbing over fallen trees makes for an exciting final leg, and the falls is flowing enough as of mid October to stand under and get refreshed for the trek back. I have been hiking with my dog here off leash for years and years and never once gotten in trouble or had a bad experience with other park users.

Mon Oct 08 2018

Great trail. We decided to park at the Safeway and hike up through the residential neighborhood entrance way. We did the loop and got about 15 miles in. Lots of cool little spots to hang out. I didn’t come across much in the way of good photo spots. Keep your heads up for mountain bikers! We had some on Sunday but they were always very courteous and let us hikers safely go by. I would recommend downloading the map. My friend and I went on a few paths off the regular trail. You get random service areas too (on Verizon). And even some areas would allow me to use GPS on this app and it could find me pretty well. Bring water too!

Mon Oct 08 2018

lovely redwood home with opportunities to branch to other trails if you want to keep going.

Sun Nov 26 2017

Dogs only allowed on paved roads and in picnic areas

Fri Nov 24 2017


Sat Jul 29 2017

This trail starts at the free parking but if you're willing to pay the entry fee, you can drive to the end of the Aptos creek fire road. The road traffic is pretty significant so its nice to skip the dusty road and start at the gate. There are two significant landslides on the bridge trail which make it hard to finish the loop.

Mon Jul 24 2017

So beautiful here. Wish I could have seen more but I will be back for sure!

Mon May 22 2017

Tue Feb 14 2017

loved it. Muddy and some parts of trail was covered, or washed away cuz of rain

Wed Jul 20 2016

Went up and took the path up to the Maple Falls! about a 6 mile hike around a loop and a pretty steady but good incline! Trail gets a bit rough but we enjoyed the challenge

Wed Mar 30 2016


Sat Sep 12 2015

It was superb! So gorgeous, engulfed in trees, big redwoods. This trail has many visitors however going up the mountain you still feel as though there is only you. I would recommend this for everyone to try once.

Mon Jun 15 2015

This was a great hike. It offers views of trees and some waterfall. However, be very careful of poison oaks since they are everywhere in the trail.

Sun Jan 26 2014

My daughter and I started out this morning at the winter gate. We walked about a mile to the trailhead and followed Aptos Creek fire road to the Bridge Creek trail. We followed this easy trail through some rolling terrain to the Maple Falls spur junction and followed another 1/2 mile to the falls. A nice steady stream was falling from about 25 feet even though it hasn't rained yet this winter. We doubled back to the junction and took the Hoffman Historic trail. This is where there was a more strenuous climb. We made it up and continued the never-ending meander through dense redwood forest covered with ferns (and lots of off-trail poison oak!). We continued on the Loma Prieta Grade back to Aptos Creek fire road and completed our 9.5 mile loop. Very impressive trail system and beautiful scenery. We'll be back a lot!

Mon Jun 10 2013

Beautiful quiet hike with tons of shade in nisene marks. Hiked to the end where there is a large waterfall. Def worth it!

Mon Jun 25 2012

A great hike in Nisene Marks State Park. This trail through the redwood forest offers lots of surprises around every corner -- historic locations, small waterfalls, lots of birds, banana slugs, great bridges and of course gorgeous vegetation. Lots of runners on this trail, but everybody shared the road well. We had 5 kids (ages 7-11) an 4 adults and we did about 4 miles round trip and everybody made it with flying colors. This is a hike where you don't have to make the destination, the sites on the journey are more than enough to make your journey complete. Our friends have been here before and told us that sometimes the gates prevent you from getting as close as you might like, but there are tons of great trails inside the park. We'll be visiting Nisene Marks State Park on our next visit to Santa Cruz.

7 days ago

1 month ago

2 months ago

3 months ago

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