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Embute Valley Nature Trail is a 2.6 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Embūte, Courland, Latvia that features a great forest setting and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, camping, and nature trips.

2.6 km
43 m







Embūte valley nature trail introduces with the Embūte valley, which had once been an old settlement and sacral area. It is one of the most beautiful and mysterious sites in Kurzeme, surrounded by hills, several tens of meters high - Pavārkalns, Vēreskalns, Radiņkalns, Embūte Castle Mound and Krievu hill. The valley stretches out for over 4 km. Since 1977 the nature park has been established here to protect the natural values – outstanding virgin ravines and slope forests. The valley is considered to be an old sacred place tied with legends and tales. Two stylized Curonian swords serve as the symbol of the entrance into the valley gates. The swords and shields are supposed to be left on each side of the road by the Curonian leader Indulis and his friend Pūdiķis to protect the road that goes towards the Embūte and Joda valleys. The swords create a mythical mood and still highlight the presence of the great Cours at Embūte valley. There are stairs, viewing platforms and a watching tower recently built on the way. The suggested starting point is at the Embūte Tourism Information Centre, where you can also leave the car at the parking lot. Hiking the trail, it is suggested to visit the ruins of the former Embūte Manor and German Knights Castle, Curonian or Indulis’ Castle Mound, Joda Valley, the new watching tower, go through the entrance gates and visit the ruins of Embūte Church. A leisurely walk will take about 1,5h. The total lenght of the trail is 3km. Due to a number of long and steep rises the trail is not accessible to people with movement disorder and parents with baby-strollers. The trail might also be difficult to seniors.

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