Mount Sasalaguan Loop ist ein 6.6 Kilometer langer, wenig besuchter Rundweg in der Nähe von Inarajan, Guam. Er führt vorbei an herrlichen Aussichtspunkten und es gibt schöne Wildblumen und oftmals Wildtiere zu sehen. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke als moderat einzustufen. Hier kann hervorragend gewandert werden. Die Route ist das ganze Jahr über zugänglich.

Entfernung: 6.6 km Höhenunterschied: 264 m Routentyp: Rundweg





kein schatten
abseits des Weges
9 days ago

This is the most difficult hike in have done on Guam, the well marked and easy to follow beginning of trail turns into sword grass bushwhacking on the steeper parts as you get closer to the top. But the view from the top is amazing and definitely worth the trek. There was an attempt to mark a path with pink flags but they are few and far between. Mt Sasalaguan is not for the faint of heart but someone looking for a sense of accomplishment and an amazing view of the southern end of the island this is your hike. The hike is also nice because you can always see your final destination 2 small trees and 2 small buildings at the very top. If you are going to attempt this hike bring plenty of water, pants, a hat (little to no shade on the hike) and gloves. It is doable without pants and gloves, but that’s what I thought and I severely regret not bringing them.

4 months ago

Bring Pants! The trail should be rated as hard because of the height of the grass and at time expect it to be from knee to head height at the last part of the trail. At times you will he expecting to see a raptor as you push through it. If you continue off trail to the two concrete building at the top it is steep and the poles came in handy. As the last review says, go in and out the same trail.

7 months ago

Do not trust the loop, go back down the way you go up if you look for a loop you will end up in a place you can not go back up. Extremely sketchy and life threatening looking for the loop. This is not a moderate hike by any means.

7 months ago