Entdecken Sie die beliebtesten Backpacking-Routen in Bern mit handgefertigten Wanderkarten und Wegbeschreibungen sowie detaillierten Bewertungen und Fotos von Wanderern, Campern und Naturliebhabern wie Ihnen.

This one has a little bit of everything! The paved road with gorgeous mountain views up at Mürren gradually transitions to gravel road with the continuity of gorgeous mountain views to Grüschalp, where the path becomes much grassier and less apparent and ultimately descends into the trees by way of switchbacks and farmland until Lauterbrunnen. Absolutely breathtaking views.

This is a must do hike!!! We started from murren. Rotstockhutte was at the 4.0 mark on this trip. We continued on after lunch there to the summit at schilthorn. Then we rode the gondola down to birg and then murren. We asked our hotel to call up Rhutte before we left to confirm we could get lunch there. The hike up to Rhutte was mostly easy and we stopped a bunch of times to look back at the views as we gained elevation. Lunch at Rhutte was epic! Literally the best imaginable set up possible. I can’t describe it with words... it’s perfect! After a stiff drink and an amazing lunch we headed up to the summit. The trail was well marked, but rather intense climb at times. My wife’s fear of heights caused her to hike fast on a few of the ridges, and there are some well placed cables and even some stairs to prevent any significant scrambling. The summit (if you decide to extend the hike) affords amazing 360 degree views. And the gondola down saves the knees. At the top of schiltorn we got a hot coco to warm up. And then stopped at the birg transfer for the views and a glass of wine. We’ve hiked many places around the world, but today is likely our best 1-day hike ever.

Super hard hike but rewarding as hell. Be prepared for a long and challenging day, no matter if you start from Griesalp or Kandersteg.

Gorgeous beyond belief. Mileage is probably not correct. Restaurant at top that also has rooms. The last two miles gets your attention. The lake on way down also has rooms. Train from lake as an option for end of day. Must for a beer. Lots of steep up and down. Steps with rope. Down not as steep. Stay in Griesalp. Never regret.

Easy partial day hike. Can start at apengli. Take train. Leave time for lunch at top. Multiple ways to Wengen. Most scenic is to cross tracks at top and stay left. Also longer by about 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

5 months ago

ne pas suivre cet itinéraire en été et le modifier par des chemins qui rallongent et qui passent a proximité car l'itinéraire d'origine comprend trop de passage sur la route a mon gout pour de la randonnée. sinon très sympa avec le passage par les sommets et la vue panoramique. rando facile

kein schatten
5 months ago

Awesome! It was a gorgeous sunny day which offered views of the Jungfraujoch, Eiger and more. Lots of people on the trail on the descent from the platform. Cows, waterfalls, mountains-crazy awesome trail!

This hike starts with a tram ride from Lauterbrunnen to Grutschalp, then a relatively flat but scenic hike to Murren. From there you can choose to take the tram to Birg and the Schilthorn for even better views, or continue hiking to Gimmelwald, where you can take the steep hike down to Stechelberg or take the tram. From Stechelberg there's a path beside the water back to Lauterbrunnen under some of the biggest waterfalls in Switzerland with an optional stop at Trummelbach falls. Thre's also a bus back to Lauterbrunnen. All in all, this is a relatively flat hike that can be made more difficult by hiking up and down from the valley floor. It has spectacular scenery, summer wildflowers, and multiple waterfalls. If you have the Swiss Travel Pass, all trams (including the Schilthorn) and buses are included.

Snow on the trail around 5000-5200 ft and up. Some is easy to navigate but eventually it gets quite deep (especially near the saddle/pass). Road is clear and easy to follow when snow was too deep. Also, small portion of the trail was listed as closed near Rosenlaui. You can proceed at own risk or simply follow the road until it meets back up with the trail.

Mon Oct 01 2018

Nice easy hike with a few options for food along the way!

3 months ago

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