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Fotos von Routen im St. Lucia

St. Lucia

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1 day ago

The best way to describe this trail is that it is NOT a hike, it is a climb. You will have 4 planned stops with your guide . The first stop is at the end of the easy hike , from that point on it is a steep climb over volcanic rock . The trail is well prepared ,a rock, limb , root or handrail is never out of reach . So it is a very doable climb. You will enjoy the viewpoints, the vegetation, and trees . Please start early as the heat builds in early . If it’s raining or misty ( or highly humid ) take extra care on the rocky path up and especially Down. ( take or rent the hiking stick !) You will drink at least 1.5 liters of water . The guides vary greatly in personality, from quiet and removed ( letting you enjoy the hike and asking the questions) to engaging you always in what you are seeing and stories of the town Fon Gens Libre and the Pitons . It’s 50 $ US to hike with a guide and a gratuity is appreciated. If you want a memorable hike / climb pit this one on your list .

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