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Fotos von Routen im South Korea

South Korea

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I’ve been hiking Seoul trails for years and keep coming back to this one. It’s varied terrain, it offers some decent challenge (at the Bibong peak), and can be accomplished easily in 4hr INCLUDING a 40min city bus (each way) to and from Gwanghwamun Station. (Take bus 7212 from just outside exit #2 at Gwanghwamun Station, stay on for about 35min until the bus driver literally turns the bus around in a 3-point turn, and get out at the very next stop... on the way back, be sure to ask the 7212 driver “gwanghwamun??” as half the buses don’t go back to Gwanghwamun but go further on a bigger loop). I recommend gloves for this as you will sometimes use your hands, especially if you ascend to the Bibong Peak... if you don’t have any, go to a convenience store and pick up some cheap cotton work gloves coated in red latex for less than 1,000 won (US$1), that’s what I wear. Gorgeous hike. Just before the bibong peak there is a section I’ve marked where there can be ice in the winter and it can get slippery but crampons aren’t really necessary in my experience, just go super slow and walk on the trail edge in a couple spots. At the top there’s even a place to see where North Korean commandos Were hanging out on the mountain when they were heading to the Blue House in a failed presidential assassination raid attempt!

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