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Не смогли пройти путь, тк спустя 500 метров после кинта де ригалейра и поворота на тропу выяснилось, что идём не той дорогой, а предлагаемая является частной территорией. Очень расстроились, тк ехали компанией и хотели пройти проверенный путь.

Lovely walk, quite strenuous in sections. Beautiful views. Doing the walk in a clockwise direction, the section leading to the hill top at Senhora Das Neves is a little confusing. Better to follow the defined path. when the recorded route heads left. Would definitely recommend doing this walk.

Halfway the path was closed. Long detour on not very charming road.

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The views at many points along the track are nothing short of spectacular. It is challenging at times, but even untrained can manage. At the southside of the beach at Praia das maças you have to cross a stream that is far too wide to jump. In summer and at low tide that might not be an issue. In winter it is best to start the hike on the north end of Praia grande. At the south end of the beach at Praia grande a detour is interesting to dinosaur footprints.

I went counter clockwise from the trailhead following the paved road. Then there was a small dirt path with hiking sign to left but it only lasted about 150m and the trail covered with bush that I didn't want to whack. I followed some roads again see if I can cut into any of the trails but no success as most areas are gated as "privido". So I just wanted to get to Castelo dos Mouros and Palace of Pena. I went into Vila Sassetti entrance. Once you pass the cobble stoned path there is a sign that you can hike up to the castle and palace but again bush- whacking but doable and I ended up arribing at the bottom of the wall of castle! Some parts very steep dirt but not too dangerous. It was very windy up top but gorgeous view of Sintra and multiple castles. Once you are done with the Castelo Googlemap Palace of Pena which is only 32mins away. €14 for the palace and it's garden.

3 months ago

I started the GR11 at Adraga Beach and then looped back around after getting to Cabo do Roca. If you're looking for a way to see the amazing coastline from above this is definitely a great hike. There are plenty of trails that lead off the main path so you can further explore the surrounding area, definitely head down to Ursa Beach.

This hike began on local streets before heading onto a wide dirt path - it was absolutely necessary to have the app open to stay in the trail - as there were no markings on the street or path and there were many intersecting trails. The trail itself was easy - although it was a climb straight uphill. The final quarter of the hike has beautiful panoramic views.

Lovely day in Sintra. Many of paths on all trails do not seem to exist in Sintra. Enjoyed walking and exploring the sites.

4 months ago

Since these trails contain historic buildings and structures, there are many options to reach the top. You can, as others have noted, take transportation, tuk tuk, taxi, bus, or walk up cobblestoned streets. I recommend from the Sintra Palace, you go around to the back side of the “hill”, up a country road for about a half a mile and enter a series of scenic switchbacks until you reach the castle and the palaces. You can, veer off the main trail and hike more classic dirt trail(s). Just remember, as long as you are going up in elevation, you will reach one or all of the destinations. But as noted, each palace, castle charges you to enter and there can be a wait after you have hauled yourself up the hill. The Moorish Castle was a bit of a disappointment inside, but the views are spectacular and on a clear day, you can see the ocean and Lisbon at the same time. I will post some pics of the trail side of the hike. I recommend coming back the same way you arrived, as any experienced hiker knows, there’s something you always miss on the first leg of a journey.


11 months ago

great but in hindsight is would have cycled instead! beautiful scenic views of the sea and nice to meander through the town. nice water fountains by the road mid way.

The correct name is - SERRA DE SINTRA

As noted before...hike up to Moor’s castle is really a cobblestone road walk. Ditto for walk to ‘Palace’. Horrible signage makes it easy to miss delightful wooded walk back down.

Have to buy a ticket for the moors castle 8 eur, ticket includes a map of the trail/walk. Very green/lush and lovely city panoramas.

Not really a "hike"; more of a steep walk along paved walkways, but good exercise nonetheless.

Great Hike, we met group of German hikers with handbook map that helped us to reach to the castle, no too many marked post. Awesome views.

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