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Fotos von Routen im Panama


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11 days ago

I would have ranked this a moderate to difficult trail. First of all it’s not traveled much. Some of the trail markings have been blown down. It’s really deep rainforest. DO NOT hike from the main road to the Chagres River and expect to get a boat! The boats don’t stop there anymore. Fortunately our guide recommended we go to the public boat dock, pay $15 to get a ride to the start of the trail. It’s not marked well. Then hike from the river to the main road. We did Camino de Cruces to Camino de Pantacion to the main road which was 13 km. The Cruces trail is thick and overgrown so it takes twice as long. The Plantacion Trail is well traveled and easy to moderate. It took us all in all 4 hours. Bring bug spray and a good supply of water. Do not do alone! Sprained ankles could easily happen and there are major ant hill colonies to cross. Oh! And don’t be afriad if you he’s the sound of the Howler monkeys which sound like lions roaring! Quite the adventure. Two snakes. A few butterflies. Dragonflies. Some frogs. The monkeys make themselves scarce as do the birds. And wear long pants.

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