Fotos von Routen im Nicaragua


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10 days ago

We took a private trail from the Hacienda we were staying at. The first 1/3 was a mild slope and the occasional rock/bolder to navigate. The 2/3 up was rock hopping in drizzle, and 3/3 was mud and small streams of water coming down. 8 of the 10 in our group experienced several falls, resulting in 1 injured knee, 1 sprained ankle and person who injured their Coccyx after several falls on her rear (usually due to slipping in mud as we descended. When we reached the lake in the caldera it was a very surreal and beautiful as it is in the cloud and had a very windy (Up to 60 km/h. The return hike was significantly more difficult. Going down steep inclines are just more difficult as that's when people fall and slip. I would recommend only for someone who has significant rugged mountain hiking.

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