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hard work over the sand in the summer months

Says 3 hrs but it’s more like 1 1/2 each way if returning back . Great views ! Definitely one of the best hikes !

Awesome views along the trail, spectacular part of the country. Maybe someone could correct the spelling of this page - it should be Cape Reinga

Parking available at the trail head. The first section rises up a ridgeline to the top of the Western Hills before following the ridge along then dropping down to exit at Kauika Rd West. You could also exit at the bottom of Keri Keri Rd or continue the loop around to the start point. Quite a few stairs going up and coming down.

Some steep parts. great views all over the bay of islands.

2 months ago

Schöner, verlassener, teilweise fadt zugewachsener Track. Wenn es die Tage vorher geregnet hat, muss man mit viel Schlamm rechnen.

A wonderful hike! I did it Nov 13, counterclockwise. It was a sunny day, beautiful landscapes, amazing views. I really enjoyed this day! It took me around 5,5h, but I stopped several times to take pictures of this incredible landscape. I did also a long break at Cape Maria van Dieman.

Très jolie randonnée de 5 heures en prenant le temps. Je ne comprend pas pourquoi elle est définie comme difficile car elle est sans difficulté de marche. Une belle diversité de paysages, des odeurs de fleurs, le cap Maria splendide, à faire absolument

Très tres belle randonne achevée en moins de 2h aller. Les 2 plages traversées sont merveilleuses et méritent une baignade. Le chemin le long des 2 collines est magnifique avec de belles vues sur la côte et au bout le Cape Reinga qui vaut le détour !

Great hike

4 months ago

New tracks so easier to notice the signs... Awesome adventure!!

This hike is pretty amazing. I got lucky and hit the hike on a clear, comfortably warm day which made all the views, and the views should not be underrated, just incredible. Lots of steep ascents and descents on this hike.

Great views! There is water at the carpark (close the the lighthouse) if you wanna refill before to come back to the campground.

Nice easy walk to do when time is limited.

Awesum loop track, massive views beaches etc, take plenty water n snacks if doing it summer time though...

Took the Explore Ferry Service out to the island from Paihia, was a beautiful 40 min cruise through the islands, the staff were super helpful.

10 months ago

Great trail. Very quiet. Only about 5km which is doable if you have little ones. Worth every minute. Views are awesome and you can even go for a swim.

11 months ago

Hard. Mostly uphill. Decent, but don’t underestimate the incline.

great trail, Nice view from high rocky cliffs & reefy shore below over vast blue ocean, then dropping down into shallow valley with a stream & enclosed bay perfect for a cooling swim carrying on uphill pretty much rest of way, took just over 4 hours there and back.

Decent hike - about 3 hours return. Has plenty of steep bits, and a lovely beach halfway to chill on.

Sun Oct 28 2018

The 6 hours Twilight–Te Werahi Loop is amazing! Every kind of landscape, huge beaches, tropical forest, red rocks, sand, fields, swamp and there is nobody ! Only yourself to enjoy the beauty of nature !

Tue Aug 07 2018

We have hiked to the Peach Cove hut each summer for the last three years. I’ve gotten progressively more unfit, so it’s gotten harder each time! But the track itself is great, in good condition and well maintained. We stay at the hut for a couple of nights so we are carrying our gear, food and water which makes it tough. It would be a much nicer walk without the packs! We love it and it’s a fantastic family holiday.

Fri Jul 06 2018

Personally, I died with an overnight tramping pack on and it was challenging with the stairs but I'm also not that particularly fit but managed to do it, besides that the trail itself was pretty and it was fun to do and listening to all the native birds.

did it last year and some places weren't well maintained so be careful to watch for markers and bring your map.

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