Entdecken Sie die beliebtesten Laufstrecken in Canterbury mit handgefertigten Streckenkarten und Wegbeschreibungen sowie detaillierten Bewertungen und Fotos von Wanderern, Campern und Naturliebhabern wie Ihnen.

Make sure you go early in the morning so it's not too crowded by tourists

Fun hike with some rocky/exhausting bits, the view from the summit however is definetly worth it. Also more fun going up than down as Gebbies pass is at times less enjoyable due to the logging that has and is still taking place. Apart from this it's definitely worth the time & effort.

5 days ago

Rocky path, but the view on the top is amazing. We had great Tshirt weather, but it’s windy at the top, so make sure to bring a sweater or jacket.

Nice trail with good viewpoints! However part of the forest has been cleared, which deminishes the atmosphere and view partly. Would still recommend it!

Great for a day hiking

it's a very nice trail with nice views and I was the only person there on a Saturday. BUT: this is not a loop trail anymore. the official trail let's you down to the road again to Gully parking lot. I followed the marked route from the map, and the trail continues quite alright for a while. then it completely disappeared for a big section and you have to find your way through thorny bushes, it goes steep downhill and at some point you have to cross a field of thistles. very unpleasant. I recommend no one to repeat my mistake and to trust the DOC markation instead of the all trails route.

kein schatten
9 days ago

Nice hike! Steep to begin with. Becomes quite exposed to the wind for a section about half way up but take it slow and increase the width between your steps and you’ll be right! Beautiful 360 degree views at the summit! Enjoy homies!

A nice trail along the creek. A few trees on the trail and a little overgrown in a few places but not a problem.

Great walk, stunning scenery! The track is in pretty good condition, although the Red Beech loop is a but ropey in places. There's some loose gravel in a couple of patches, but I wouldn't call it scree...

11 days ago

Went clockwise through the forest first then down round the lakeside, amazing views across the lake. Started early around 8:30am for a good spot to enjoy a coffee at the top (though photos may be a bit dark since the sun wouldn't be on our side) easy to identify track, can pay to drive up to the car park but I would recommend just taking your time to go up as it is well worth the fresh air

Awesome, easy trail with amazing views of Mt Cook at the end. However, it was incredibly crowded the entire time.

Easy and beautiful walk, lots of flowers and rabbits

13 days ago

I went anticlockwise and recommend this as the views are great. Extremely windy at the summit...so much so that I had to sit down for a few minutes so that I didn’t blow away. Heaps of rabbits hopping away and a great leg workout for the first quarter. 2.5 hours with some stops.

Great and well maintained track with amazing views throughout the entire hike. Look for decent weather as clouds and mist might block the view. Definite recommendation and achievable for everybody.

what an absolute delightful hike, spoilt with views all the way up and to be rewarded with panoramic views at the summit well marked track and moderately busy

Really pretty trail. Super easy since there are no large elevation gains. Three beautiful Alpine suspension bridges on the route and stunning views of Mt Cook and Hooker lake.

kein schatten
14 days ago

Great walk! Beautiful lake and mountain views. highly recommend

One of the best, easiest hikes around . A must do !

16 days ago

Nice and quick hike for a Lookout over Lake Tekapo, the city, aswell as the surrounding mountains. I feel like clockwise would be a better hike but I also enjoyed the additional acclivity of the counterclockwise tour. I prefer to have the panorama on the way down rather then during the ascend, just my choice. Definetly worth the time!

17 days ago

20 days ago

Amazing all around. A must.

This was the best views for the least amount of work I've ever experienced and probably ever will experience. Started on trail at 7am and beat the crowds. It was quite magical. Trail is super highly maintained. Didn't seem that long at all because so easy. Parking lot at start hosts a bunch of other trailheads as well as lots of restrooms.

Beautiful hike. Starts off with quite the expanse. Peninsula has wonderful views. went counterclockwise and thought it a good choice. Absolutely worth doing on a sunny to partly cloudy day - the sun and contrasted shadowing clouds really show off the lakes stunning color. Trail was easy to follow except for the northwest tip of peninsula - but no biggie, just look for the orange steaks.

Great hike! Very windy and people don’t move over on the bridge but other then that’s it’s a great trip up and back. If you’re staying at white horse hill campsite, this trip is a must

kein schatten
22 days ago

An easy out and back walk on well maintained boardwalks and gravel. We started at 7:30, and it was quiet. Three hours later when we finished, it was crowded.

Nice but very crowded on a sunny day

What an awesome hike, you get an amazing views all 10km of the trail. Can get very busy on sunny day and during lunchtime. So maybe go during morning as it can get pretty warm too.

Super easy. The day we went it was very cloudy so no views of the peaks

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